I AM Jacqueline Quenault – Author, Blogger, Transformational Speaker, Life Transformer. I spend my days empowering people how to change their midlife, how to grab hold of life and shake it up. To find fun, fulfillment, happiness and passion again.

Ask and ye shall receive, my friends.

Are you ready to Transform YOUR whole Life?

Are you ready to do a total 180 degree turn from where you are, to where you want to be?

Transforming your life is actually quite simple, and it can happen very quickly when you have the tips and tools to create massive change.

Are you ready to live your best life? To be in your best health? To live in a dream location, with everyday feeling like a holiday? 

Are you ready to find your purpose and passion for life, to stand up and step into your perfect life?

It is time.

Actually it is YOUR time. Right now.

Are you ready for a revamp? 

I help people just like you who feel stuck, to re-energize your life, manifest a courageous new business, travel the world, find abundance in health and vitality and even attract Mr or Miss Right.

I will help you get what YOU want. Your Life, Your Terms, Your Rules

Bring back the fun, the satisfaction, the confidence and success that has been missing from your world.  Rediscover the energy and passion for your everyday life. Wake up energised and excited for what the day may bring.

Whether in Love, Life, Business, Money, Health or Career, I share my tried and tested methods in bringing all the good into your world. I encourage and mentor you to step into your own personal self-confidence with ease through coaching, workshops and online courses.

Follow me for inspiration, for the tools to really remodel your life, with simple, effective tips and tricks to bring about massive transformation in your life.


Some Testimonial Quotes

“Thank you – Thank you – Thank you my web based business would not ever have come to life, if it weren’t for your inspiration and belief in me”  FL

“Finally, a real person who gets this. Make a plan, make it happen” JM

I have learned more from you in 2 hours, Jaki Mac, than from my business mentor in three months. Thanks so much” KD

the Queen of Abundance – aka the Woman that rocks her Red Shoes ,living in the Emerald City, transforming lives with the flick of her wand – bless you” BM

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