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My name is Jacqueline Quenault and I am an Author, a Blogger, a Transformational Speaker, A Life, Business and Wellness Coach and Game Changer. Courage Igniter. Life Transformer.

 I travel the world teaching people my secrets how to Get Thin, Get Smart and Get Rich – and how to draw fabulous things into their world, how to transform their whole lives.

In the past, I have been a single mum of 5, struggling to make ends meet financially. I was totally overwhelmed with the responsibility, I was over 147kgs and I was stressed to the max. I was working huge hours to make ends meet and I wasn’t looking after myself.

Actually, I was drowning.

Not only in sorrow and self-pity, but in excess weight, excess alcohol and very poor lifestyle choices. I drank too much, I ate the wrong food, I made mistakes in my choice of romantic partners. Yep, I was far from perfect, but at the time, my priorities were that my kids were happy, well fed, well-mannered and well-dressed, and also in making sure that the kids remained blissfully unaware that their Mum was not as in control, as she was pretending.

Deep down, I knew this was not the way my life was supposed to go. I knew there was a better way, a better life and better opportunities coming for us.  I had to find a way out of that situation and give my children the ability to lead financially stress free lives. I had fallen into the trap of letting other people’s definitions of who I should be, rule my life and that had to stop. Immediately.

I started reading Self Help and Inspirational Books, I listened to Meditation CD’s, I prayed to the Angel Gabriel or whatever Angel, I hoped would listen. I tried every self-help technique that was the latest fad.  I did Mirror Work, rising early each morning to look myself in the mirror and give myself a Pep Talk – “Listen here, you gorgeously voluptuous woman, your day is going to be fabulous, your kids are going to be happy and healthy, you are going to smash all sales targets at work today.”

So, I knew I had to be the one to change, but I also knew internally, I already had all the tools I needed to make the difference. I just had to do it, to be that caterpillar.  Make the decision and take the chance.  I had read enough Louise Hays books to know it was all about taking the first step. I wanted to be the person that my kids would aspire to be. I wanted them to be proud to say, “that’s My Mum”.

And so I did. I changed. I am still changing. Some would probably say that I am still caterpillar like, that my physical appearance is far from amazingly beautiful butterfly material, but internally I am 100% different to who I once was. I feel great. I am happy. I am secure. I’ve changed dramatically, perhaps not yet spectacularly, but trust me, I’m working on that bit.

In loosing over half my body weight physically, I’ve more than doubled my life financially, emotionally, spiritually. I was that radically focussed on increasing the goodness in every area of my life, I accidentally manifested myself a fabulous husband who also has 5 kids. Talk about doubling my blessings!! Lesson Number #1 in being specific when writing your Dream List.

This once extremely unfit, overweight, financially destitute woman, now runs a Multi-Million Dollar Company, gives Transformational Speeches and participates in Fun Runs. I’ve pedalled bikes in Paris, Dublin, Belfast and London, ridden motorbikes through the Swiss and French Alps and I’ve walked across NZ, for fun.  I travel to countries I once only dreamed of, I have the choice of three houses to live in, my favourite is on beautiful Magnetic Island and my kids have grown into strong, responsible, smart, successful young adults.  I have the most wonderfully level headed, handsome husband who believes in me and supports me in whatever venture I choose to turn my hand to.

And all by doing just one thing – Changing My Mindset. I now facilitate Transformational Workshops, deliver Corporate Coaching and write Ebooks and magazine articles on Health and Wellness…

I now spend my days helping people achieve their dreams of transforming their lives, the same way I have revamped my whole world. In a nutshell, I am here to make YOUR LIFE incredible.

I’m loving life and all the good that’s in it. Let me show YOU how to make amazing change in YOUR life. It’s easy when you know how.

Come on, find your freedom, give up the stress and get happy again….


  1. iamjakimac says:

    Heya Bobbie, two, actually. A mining maintenance company as well as my corporate coaching business – its been a whole since we caught up – things have changed – a lot.

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