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Personal Satisfaction is all that matters..

Morning Monday. Where have I been of late? Well aside from physically being overseas on holidays, I have also been missing emotionally. I haven’t posted here for ages and I don’t know why, to be honest. It appears I have been lost in a swamp of same same, falling down the vortex of forever learning …

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Who are you?

Who are you? Really. When no one is looking – who are you? When there is no one to impress or follow or obey, who are you? What are the things you stand for? What are the things that you are prepared to fight for? What are the things that light you up? That make …

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Lessons from the Rain

Happy birthday to my brother Neville today. He would have been 61.. ha.. so hard to picture him as an old man.. The years pass, the ache lessens but the pain of what could have been never goes away. The guilt, the did i say enough, did I do enough, did I hug and love …

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