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You Matter

Today, I have received LOUD and CLEAR, a message for someone in this group.

I need to tell you that you matter.

That your life matters. That even though you feel inconsequential sometimes, the work you do, the people you love and the world that surrounds you, need you.


You matter to me. I love seeing your reactions to my posts on Facebook. I love your comments and your shares and your thumbs up.

You matter to your dog. He loves it when you get out of your car in the afternoons and give him that pat he has longed for all day.

You matter to the people that you help. Don’t think your compassion and volunteer work means nothing, it means a lot. You may not see the gratitude, but it is there.


Sometimes, in a world that is social media driven, it is hard to not compare your life with others. Some people are skipping about the world and there you are, apron on, doing the washing up and wondering where your life took the wrong turn.

The thing is, it didn’t.

You are exactly where you should be. You are learning in this lifetime, lessons that you needed to. Yep, even in the mundane, there is a lesson. The trick is to find it.

I have no idea who needs this message today – but I know you are here and I know you will read this.

And in your heart, YOU will know, that you matter.

Who Drags You UP?

Part of making a new life, a transformation for the better, is surrounding yourself with people who lift your spirits, who are on your side, cheering you on, either as a team-mate or from the sidelines.

Do you have those people in your life?

Who are the people that drag you UP, as opposed to the energy vampires posing often as a friend?

Who are the people that you have in your team, that are there through thick and thin, who are available to listen, console, celebrate, commiserate with you?

Do they make up the majority in your life? Do they outweigh the naysayers, the negative Nancy’s, the disruptive Dan’s and the vampirous Veronica’s?

Take a minute today to think about the people closest to you – Are they on your side? Or is it time for a few courageous conversations?

Love what Matters. Follow Your Heart. Make Yourself Happy. Transform Your Whole Life

I Am Going To Die

Hopefully not soon but I am fully aware that it will happen. You will die. My pets will die.

My parents, and siblings will too.

In fact, some already have.

Very unexpectedly. Much too early. Without a chance to say goodbye.

And that is the very reason that I refuse to let the world pass me by.

I won’t wait till the “right time”  – I refuse to linger until I am in a nursing home to wish I had looked outside at the clouds. I won’t wait until the hand I hold is leathery and cold to say I love you.

I will speak my truth. I will share the love in my world.

I didn’t stay in a profession I hated, just to pay the bills. I created a life I love.

I moved to the beach. Because I wanted to see if I liked living by the water. And as it turns out, I do.

Never will be a good time to walk barefoot in the grass, or play with the kids in the backyard. There will always be washing to do, housework to finish, assignments to write, bills to pay. You will never find the time for fun unless you start today. Consciously, making an effort to bring love back to your life.

Why are we now made feel than unless we push ourselves every single day, we cannot be classified as having lived a successful life?

Why is it that we so often leave the words unsaid, until we no longer have the chance to utter them?

Why are we always searching for more, when really simplicity is the answer?

Time is running out.

What are you doing right this second?

Does it bring you joy?

Get up from your desk – go outside, smell that fresh air, bask in the sunshine, notice the frangipanis in bloom.

Take ten deep breaths. Remind yourself why you are alive. Feel the life force inside of you.

Go ring a friend. Better still, go visit them. Roll up at their door after a roadtrip to just say “I missed you.”

Hug your partner. Tell your kids you love them. A lot.

Bake for your neighbour, cut the lawn of another. Love more. Send the ripples of heart out far and wide.

We are not here just to Live, then Die. We are here to love. To share that Love. To bring joy to our own lives and in doing so create the ripples that extend all across your pond.

You matter.

You matter to me. You matter to the Universe.

Don’t wait until you’re dying to begin to live your life, start now. TODAY.

So, how do I go about this Transformation thang?

You get my emails, you read my blog posts, you follow me on social media, you know that I spend my whole life teaching people how to transform their lives into something magical.

It’s my passion to show you how to shake things up, how to jump out of the swamp and into the sparkly world of manifesting and living a great life.

I bring back the fun, I open your eyes to opportunity, I help you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Yeah, yeah, enough of the airy, fairy bullshit” I hear you say..

HOW? How do I do this? How do I change my life from one of lack to one of abundance? How do I do this whole revampy thing? Where the heck do I start?

“Begin at the beginning and continue until the end, then stop” as Lewis Carroll so famously once wrote.

Today, over in the YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE FB Group, we talk about starting taking responsibility for your life. We talk about making plans and taking action.

For you today, your first step is to join the group – join the motivation and join the inspiration that lives within its confines. We will soon be running a 5 Day Challenge, and all that info will be within the group.

Wanna change your life? Wanna bring back the excitement and the fun and the energy? Get over there now, we are waiting. You Can Transform YOUR Life. Be there, or be bored.

So much can change in just 30 days

I don’t need to tell you that life can change in an instant – the birth of a child, the death of a parent – bam, life as you knew it, is over. Change in one moment of time.

Small incremental changes can also add up – and just as water drops wear away the rocks, tiny tweaks here and there can become monumental if you persist.

My moving to Maggie was decided in a moment, and over the last 6 months, my life has changed in so many ways, some imperceivable, some very visible.

The last 30 days I’ve spent hiding in my house, tweaking my diet and my lifestyle in a positive fashion. I’ve started a new diet plan, I’ve changed my exercise routine, I have started to journal regularly and I listen to meditative music most evenings.

The change in my perception of life is palpable. I no longer stress at the weight on the scale, I no longer spend the whole day worrying about what I am going to eat or what I look like in bathers.

I feel empowered. I have made positive change in my life this time, not just the lives of others.

Bam. What a realisation that was!

For years I ate well, i looked after myself, I cared for myself. I made incredible change by changing my mindset, and then i decided to could help others achieve similar results. The more I helped, the less I looked after my own thoughts, and patterns. The more I became energetically entangled with people, the more of their energy I absorbed, and over time I became unsure of myself, worried about what people would think of me.

I retreated and I played small. I took on online coaching, so people couldn’t see me, I stopped doing Facebook Lives and Video Courses, because I was unhappy with how I looked.

Somehow my head had confused my size with my self worth and expertise, the larger I got, the smaller I became.

Until now.

Recently I have had an epiphany. I realised that I am the one in charge. I do have control over my issues, and through trial and error I found a solution that my body was craving for. But, bizarrely, not only has my self confidence started to return, but my online confidence has soared as well.

I am ready to face the world once more.

I feel like I have been a bear in hibernation, waiting for the right time to re-enter the world as we know it.

I am once again brave enough to show my face and my heart and my knowledge to the world. I now know that my procrastination period is over. The feeling sorry for myself is finished.

My time is now. The time to once again step up and into my own brilliance.

I want to teach you how to rediscover your magic, how to shake up your life and rediscover your missing mojo, I want to show you how easy it is to magentise all the wonderful things life has to offer and drag them into your own world.

The time is right, the planets have aligned and all the things I need in life are here. I have a job to so and that is to help you find your way.

I want you help you understand how to plan your perfect life, and how to execute it into reality.

Follow me, if you’re looking for the Ask, Action and Ass Kicking Plan  – watch this space.




I AM – and how it got to be so…

My blogging really came about by accident – I was trying to find info on the net about an upcoming operation I was to undertake, and, unable to locate much, I decided to create one of my own..

It has evolved – greatly, over the years to being a place where I share my motivation, and enthusiasm for life at any age. The content has evolved, the format is different, I started using a new platform – and of course the name change to I AM.

A lot of people ask me about why I chose that name, given that the great Dr Wayne Dyer used it so much (which I wasn’t aware of at the time). So here is the story..

I was given the name in a dream.

Yep, one morning I awoke with an inner knowing that the page would change its name, and its direction and that I would attempt to be the face of motivational midlifer’s.

I was terrified.

What do I know about motivating others?

Why should I feel special enough to be asked to do this?

SO many questions running through my head at the time – but if there is one thing I have learned about this journey, it is the fact that we are never given more than we can deal with.

I am of the belief that we are all given experiences to learn from, to learn resilience and commitment – to then share that gift of learning with the world.

What gift do I have to share though?

Who would find comfort or solace in hearing what I have to say?

Do I even have anything useful to say anyway? Who knows? But I am here. Writing. Published and many unpublished. Read and unread. But I am here.

I write because I like it. I write to share my stories of homelessness and domestic violence and the way that your past will never define your future, unless you let it.

I stand before you all to encourage you to take life by the lapels and truly make a go of it. To leave no regrets, to travel and laugh and love as long as you can.

I write to share my knowledge that life gives you what you ask for, and to teach you about the power behind the words you speak.

I write to tell you that life can be fabulous, it can be heart breaking and that it can be so filled with love and compassion, it will brings tears to your eyes.

I write because I was “asked” to, one night a few year ago, a voice spoke to me and “told” me this is my purpose. That my aim in life is to positively impact over One Million Lives.

How friggen cool is that? AND how utterly frightening is that??

For a long long time, I have been afraid of the enormity of this. How would I even commence to impact One Million Lives? Who do I think I am to undertake such a scheme?

Living here on such a beautiful island, has given me the ability to slow down, look inward and begin to understand the How.

I shall start with One.

If I can make a difference in just one person’s life today, send that tiny ripple of positivity into the world, I will be happy. I will send it out with the intention of it growing, of that one person making a larger ripple, and the circles becoming larger and larger as time goes on.

Not very long ago, my work got copied. I was so rattled by the fact, that I stopped. Stopped sharing, stopped speaking publicly and stopped releasing my online work – but now I see. This is how I can grow my impact. I no longer care if people copy, if they speak my words to their friends or colleagues.

Wayne Dyer was also given a message of empowering people to live up to their I AM. Albeit, his path was different to mine, the underlying message is still the same. We all have the ability to make change if we ask. I know understand that the Universe sends messages to us, and the right people hear them.

Have you ever noticed that you might have an idea simmering in your head, and then somehow another person (or more) will release something very similar. A book, a video, a Facebook Live will appear, on the exact thing you have been thinking about. Energy. The vibe in the world. We hear it, we speak it.

And so, there it is. The answer on why this place is called I AM. My mission in life. And my recent understanding and acceptance of “what is”. I harbour no grudge against those who have hurt me in the past, both personally and professionally.

I am here. I am showing up. I am trying to make a difference in one life today.

What about you? What’s your big picture stuff? What are  the things you feel guided to do today?



Raise Your Vibration to Match Your Dream Life..

Yesterday in the group I spoke about how easy it is to manifest your perfect life. As a follow up from that, today we will talk about how raising your vibration to match your desires, goes a long way to speeding up that manifestation.

Everything in the Universe has a vibration, including you. Each of our levels vibrate at a different rate, physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. Given that quantum science tells us that Like attracts Like, vibrating at a higher level will allow us to attract other high vibrations toward us. You will attract motivating people, opportunity will appear to fall into your lap,  you may get that new job, or start to see an increase in your bank balance.

Similarly, if your vibration is low, that feeling of negativity seems to compound, a never ending cycle of flat tyres, missed meetings, bounced cheques and toxic relationships.

How then do we raise our vibration? Here is a couple of tips to allow your vibration to soar and attract that super life closer every day.

  1. Increase your water intake, if it can be filtered, that’s even better. A body that is low in hydration cannot vibrate at its highest potential. Visualise that life force filling your void and energizing every cell of your body
  2. Nourish Your Body with Fresh Real Food. Eliminate the processed foods, eat foods that have a vibrational energy as well. Try a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables to raise that vibration.
  3. Think consciously. Use only words that lift the spirit. Be very aware of the phrases and words that you use on a regular basis. Are they positive, complementary to self? Are you allowing your focus to be on where you wish to be, or are you still hanging out in the world of what you don’t want?
  4. Find the beauty in your surroundings. Listen to the birds. Hear the children laughing in the park. Smell the roses. See the vibrancy of colour in your environment.
  5. Find the time to meditate every single day. Even if it is just a ten minute break over lunch, sitting in the park listening to a youtube meditation, do it. Find the space, clear the mind of worry.
  6. Give thanks. Find the gratitude in everything that happens to you. You’re either loving life, or learning from it. Be aware of that, and know that the learnings will continue until you have understood the lesson.
  7. Exercise daily. I do not expect you to complete a marathon, or to undertake a bootcamp, but find the exercise movements that you love and do it. Movement raises the vibration, but give some thought to the fact that the whole time you’re doing this, you hate it. What kind of vibrational message are you creating? Find the exercise that you love – take a walk along the beach, swim, yoga and pilates, dance, belly dance.. make it fun.
  8. My favourite. Doing acts of service for others. Especially randomly and without any intention of recognition. Mow the neighbour’s lawn, pay for the coffee for the man behind you, buy a bunch of flowers for a young mum, drop a grocery order on the front step of a large family, smile at a stranger, donate some money to the homeless. Any acts of service makes you feel good inside, lifts the spirits and allow that positive higher vibration to resonate throughout.

Give some of these ideas a try – and leave me a message either below or on Facebook. Be a vibrational match for the things you wish to co-create.

ooh, I forgot to tell you….

I think I might have forgotten to tell you guys… seems a lot has happened since we last spoke.

2016 was a big year for me.

I went to Bali, I got engaged, I got married, Oobsy arrived, I went to Italy, I moved to a tropical island.

That is it in a nutshell, really, but as usual, there is so much more that goes with each story.

Looking in from the outside, it seems like the year was pretty cruisey, but inside I don’t feel like that at all. My heart was filled with to bursting point with love at times, and crushed to a pulp at others. 2016 was the best of the best, and the worst of the worst, emotionally.

I started the year determined to make it a year to be business focussed, then we got engaged and my plans were derailed. Off I went down the rabbit warren of organising a garden wedding at home. Aubree arrived in spectacular fashion and brought a sparkle back to our lives, a little missing piece of our ever expanding puzzle of family.

I experienced betrayal, and hurt, and heart bursting pride this year. It was such a polar opposite pull of emotion.

Nearing the end, I picked up my bag – and I walked out. Moved away from it all. Built a physical wall of space to distance myself from what hurt.

So, here I sit, overlooking the ocean, on a wild and windy day, watching young families play with their dogs on the beach, wondering if anyone will ever warn them about the heartaches of being a parent.

Of being blindsided by the depth of love you feel the moment you connect eyes with a newborn, knowing one day that they will probably become just a memory to you… should i rush over and say ‘see that little child, that idolises you and thinks you’re the wisest person in the world? Prepare yourself for the day they show you their friends matter more”

But, I know. The pain of a mother’s heart can’t be explained. I could never begin to outline the joy, and the crushing pain of motherhood if I tried.

So I don’t. Instead I smile and wave and throw back the ball, that the shaggy, wet dog has dropped at my feet.

“beautiful home” the Dad yells out.. “beautiful Family” I respond.

2016 is now just a distant memory, the hurts are slowly being soothed and the big love is growing bigger with every passing day. I learned a lot in 2016. I am grateful for the lessons but I pray so very hard that 2017 is a little easier on the soul.

love to you, my friends on the arrival of 2017. May it bring all you wished for, and maybe just a wee bit of what you didn’t, after all, there is no growth without a little pain.

New Year, Same Old Bullshit?

Happy New Year!

Here we are – one week into 2017 – how are your New Year’s Resolution’s going? LOL – If you’re anything like me, you may have had to make a “little alteration” to them already.

It isn’t that I am quitting, it isn’t that mine were too rigid, or too difficult – it is because this year is the first year I realised that I actually don’t like feeling dictated to by my Jan 01st “rules”.

i decided that 2017 will be the year that I heal, that I grow in strength, succeed in business and win at life. But, with feeling, with emotion. This year my heart will run my head for a change.

“What?” I hear you say. “how do you become a badass, healthy, wealthy bitch with emotion? Is that even possible?”

Well, I am hoping it is.

What I want this year to be at peace within. No more beating myself up because I missed a deadline, or heard about an opportunity too late. No more having my whole social media schedule planned months in advance. No more worrying about money in vs money out. Nope. This year I am going with how I feel on the day.

Am I gonna make it up as I go along? Yep.

Will this work out? Who bloody knows.

All I know is that, I have trust in synchronicity, I have faith that the Universe will provide me with exactly what i need and want to live a happy life. Every morning when I awake, my first thought will be, How do I Want to Feel today? And, I’ll go with that.

At every point in my life to date, i have been supported and loved by the Universe I live in, everything I have asked for, I have been given, both positive and negative ( took me years to work out that I was actually drawing the crap toward me), and I have no reason to believe that it will ever stop.

Am I mad? Possibly,

Am I kinda going against the grain of strong business models here? Yep.

Why? Dunno.

Is this gonna be year year of living dangerously? Hmm, good question.

All I know is that this year already feels different. I have been drawn to create Theme Days for the first time ever in the I AM Jaki Mac Group – I have been drawing the most amazing synchronicity to me since I arrived on Maggie, I feel totally supported and drawn to doing things differently this year. I am meeting people that think like me, that work in similar outlets to me, that have the knowledge that I might need. Like that old adage “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

This year is the year of being aware. Of Trust. Of using my intuition. Of being open to change.  Do you feel the same?

I know in numerology, this year is a One Year, meaning it is a year of new beginnings, and I do find myself wondering if this has anything to do with it. Are you experiencing feelings like this? Or a whole new thought pattern away from your “norm”? I’d love to hear about it.

So, this year will be interesting – I’ll let you know how it all goes on December 31.

Wish me luck.

Here’s hoping that your 2017 is a year of growth, of love and of plenty.

Big love. JQ

fortes Fortuna iuvat – Fortune favours the brave

I’ve been missing – again – lost amidst the emotional whirlwind of weddings, and honeymooning, and missing my family – and a shower that I know how to use. You know, that void between the mundane familiarity of life at home, and the borderline uncomfortable excitement of discovering new things. I’m stuck in that vortex. Having a great time, but longing at times for a simple life in my own home.

So here I am today, holed up in the lobby of a beautiful old hotel in the Amalfi Coast of Italy, surrounded by italian voices and the smells of fresh ground coffee and Mama baking croissants – because it is raining and we are afforded the luxury of being able to just stop. And watch the world go by for a while.

The beauty of this down time has allowed me time to reflect back on the past few weeks – the past few months – and the whole of 2016… and how quickly it has passed me by, having had a wedding to organise, a BnB to prepare for the whole event, and a honeymoon to plan and book.

I look back today and feel like i haven’t achieved much – the year is all but over and what do I have to show for it? I feel like I had it all together this year, I started with such passion and commitment, we got engaged unexpectedly – and off I went on a tangent, so far removed from my 2016 game plan, it has left me feeling a bit lost, a little off track, to be honest.

II have just compared my 2016 TO DO List, with my current reality…A husband, a grandbaby, a wedding ring, one book of my three planned books published, more fabulous travel memories, and an Iphone full of photos.

Life experiences. Who was it that said that life is what happens while we are busy making other plans?  John Lennon, maybe?

He was right.

2016 is not over – I will return to Australia very soon, relaxed, rejuvenated, and without a current project to distract my mind from my goals. Still to do this year is publish another 2 books, and another one in hard cover, and I still have almost three months to do it.

I know there are some of you who are feeling the same, feeling like you’ve somehow settled for mediocre this year, taken the safe route, allowed the fear to stop the progress.

October is a great time to take back control. Who says that business and life plans must be set in January and July?

I say lets start over in October – lets smash the rest of our 2016 plans – 90 days to getting your life back on track with a bang, with a passion not seen yet this year. With determination and creativity.

“Fortes Fortuna Iuvat” – Fortune Favours the Brave.

We are Brave, you and me – brave, strong and completely able to complete this year with pride, if with no other way than #togetherwerise.

Time starts now. I can, and I will, as a wise woman once told me. 🙂