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Shift Happens

Have you felt the energy from the recent solar eclipse? Feeling kinda out of sorts but not sure why?

Solar eclipses create incredible changes to the energy patterns and levels of the Universe apparently, and a lot of people can pick up on this change.

I have been out of sorts most of the week – weird, off centred emotions, wishing I could just hide away, feeling like there is change coming but I am not sure I want anything to alter.

But this morning, I awoke re-energised. Feeling more centres, more alive, and weirdly more balanced. Like I am different, but I am also okay with that now. I feel almost cleansed of everything that has happened in the past, all the hurts I have had, all the hurts I have created – all that – gone. Lifted.

The energies have definitely shifted..

There is no limiting beliefs to hold on to anymore, those old wounds have healed and my focus is definitely forward… new energy, here I come.

I feel like the eclipse has cleared it all for us. It all feels fresh, and new, and higher vibe. Do you sense that as well?

I feel like we are all at a new beginning, a new start – one that will be super successful for us all if we choose to leave all the baggage behind.

We are all in a regeneration phase, it feels, one where we can start afresh, totally unencumbered by the past. We have ahead of us, opportunity, optimism, enthusiasm, if we so choose it.

The way forward is now clear, take all you have learned in the last 20 odd years and leap forward with confidence. The past does not dictate your future any more. No more using past hurts as an excuse to shield yourself from the future.

Step Up. Step Into Who You Really Were Meant To Be.

Practise more self care, gratitude, love every single bit of your skin, live with mindfulness and practise thoughtfulness and kindness every day.

It’s time to jump into all those things you’ve always wanted to do – get excited about life – learn more about whatever you’re interested in – it’s your time. NOW.

What will you do? What are the things that light you up? What makes you feel alive?




Life – Write Now..

How many of you are journalers? Regularly?

Like every day regularly, not just when you have to for part of a 5 Day Challenge?

Let me tell you, you really should be.

Journalling has been attributed with many mental benefits, such as mindfulness, such as goal setting in order to find daily focus, and apparently even boosts brain power.

All I know is that finding 30 minutes each morning is an amazing way to bring calm to your life, focus to your thoughts and strength to your self discipline.

What if that was all it took to make your life different?

Creating a daily habit of intentional writing about life, your life, where you wish to go today, your dreams and hopes for the future, your ability to ask for help, your pre req for healthy healing, your outlet for negative thoughts – what if these things really could transform your life?

They can.

You don’t even have to have a set plan, you can write whatever comes into your head – you can ask yourself a pressing question and wait for the answer to come from within, you can follow a set of prompts if you wish. This is your journal time and a time to express yourself in whichever way you wish. Imagine the self confidence you could build, imagine the creativity that will flow from you, the clarity to your thoughts.

Making time to journal every day is a gift of self love, an opportunity to connect with your heart daily, and ask yourself the questions that matter to you.

Why not give it a whirl. Today. Because I am convinced that life is “write” now. 🙂


As the world gets busy –

and pressure to achieve mount up, I stop to reflect on what truly matters.

My health, my husband, the health and happiness of the people in my world, these are the things that are important to me.

Not the deadline for releasing a new book – or publishing a new blog post. Yeah, they matter, but they aren’t my priority.

The gorgeous husband of mine currently works away, so I only get to see him every few weeks. And when he is here, I devote my time to us. To making memories, to doing stuff together and having fun.

There is plenty of time to work when he isn’t here – so if you message and I don’t answer straight away, please understand that sometimes Life is being lived elsewhere.

Are there times in your life, where your attention is anywhere other than where it should be? Do you feel like you bring your work home, or that the local gossip interferes with your home life?

Time to take stock, my friends, reevaluate what matters.

And return to self.

You matter. Your family matters. Facebook can wait.

Create a better life with words

The words you speak become the life you live.

Sounds so simple hey?

What are your first thoughts when you wake up each morning? Are you a YAY Morning Person, or a OMG Is it Friday Yet Person?

I know that the Universe is always listening – always.

Regardless if you call the Universe God, or Frequency, or the Law of Attraction – to me it’s all the same – but one thing you can be super sure of, it is listening to your words. Every single one. Choose your words wisely.

Are you a “oh but” person – bursting the bubbles of happiness and enthusiasm all over the place?

Are you a “I can’t” person – your first thought when faced with something new?

Do you really hate Mondays? Or is that just a learned thinking from seeing too many Insta memes?

Or are you a “why not”? Or a “hell yeah”?

Today I would love for you to listen super closely to your everyday language – do you ask for more hours in the day, and then get cross when you wake at 5am? Do you say “this cake is going straight to my arse?” and then wonder why those pants are tighter?

If the words you speak are creating your Shopping List for the Future – what’s on it?

Is there words like “I can’t lose weight?” or “I never win anything” or maybe the good ole “no-one would ever want me?” Add in a dash of “banana’s make me fat” and a “I hate exercise”, coupled with a “I have no friends” and “life is always shit, you don’t understand” and bingo – you are all set for a life of permanent misery aren’t you?

Start practising looking for the good before you speak. Ask why this situation is in your life, what is it trying to teach you?

Use positive words. Find things to be grateful for every single day. Focus on the good. Reframe your words and your attitude.

“Damn this cake is tasty” “Thanks universe for waking me early on this beautiful morning”


I love this coffee – I love this view – I love my children and husband and grandbabies and every day I give thanks for my lifestyle and friends and all the opportunities I have had to make new ones.

Transforming your life is about making change. And how can you make change if you decide before you start that you can’t.

Stop playing small. You can Transform Your Life.

You can. You will. You are.

It’s that simple.


Come join the fun and be the first to experience the Free 5 Day Challenge Coming Soon –


So much can change in just 30 days

I don’t need to tell you that life can change in an instant – the birth of a child, the death of a parent – bam, life as you knew it, is over. Change in one moment of time.

Small incremental changes can also add up – and just as water drops wear away the rocks, tiny tweaks here and there can become monumental if you persist.

My moving to Maggie was decided in a moment, and over the last 6 months, my life has changed in so many ways, some imperceivable, some very visible.

The last 30 days I’ve spent hiding in my house, tweaking my diet and my lifestyle in a positive fashion. I’ve started a new diet plan, I’ve changed my exercise routine, I have started to journal regularly and I listen to meditative music most evenings.

The change in my perception of life is palpable. I no longer stress at the weight on the scale, I no longer spend the whole day worrying about what I am going to eat or what I look like in bathers.

I feel empowered. I have made positive change in my life this time, not just the lives of others.

Bam. What a realisation that was!

For years I ate well, i looked after myself, I cared for myself. I made incredible change by changing my mindset, and then i decided to could help others achieve similar results. The more I helped, the less I looked after my own thoughts, and patterns. The more I became energetically entangled with people, the more of their energy I absorbed, and over time I became unsure of myself, worried about what people would think of me.

I retreated and I played small. I took on online coaching, so people couldn’t see me, I stopped doing Facebook Lives and Video Courses, because I was unhappy with how I looked.

Somehow my head had confused my size with my self worth and expertise, the larger I got, the smaller I became.

Until now.

Recently I have had an epiphany. I realised that I am the one in charge. I do have control over my issues, and through trial and error I found a solution that my body was craving for. But, bizarrely, not only has my self confidence started to return, but my online confidence has soared as well.

I am ready to face the world once more.

I feel like I have been a bear in hibernation, waiting for the right time to re-enter the world as we know it.

I am once again brave enough to show my face and my heart and my knowledge to the world. I now know that my procrastination period is over. The feeling sorry for myself is finished.

My time is now. The time to once again step up and into my own brilliance.

I want to teach you how to rediscover your magic, how to shake up your life and rediscover your missing mojo, I want to show you how easy it is to magentise all the wonderful things life has to offer and drag them into your own world.

The time is right, the planets have aligned and all the things I need in life are here. I have a job to so and that is to help you find your way.

I want you help you understand how to plan your perfect life, and how to execute it into reality.

Follow me, if you’re looking for the Ask, Action and Ass Kicking Plan  – watch this space.




ooh, I forgot to tell you….

I think I might have forgotten to tell you guys… seems a lot has happened since we last spoke.

2016 was a big year for me.

I went to Bali, I got engaged, I got married, Oobsy arrived, I went to Italy, I moved to a tropical island.

That is it in a nutshell, really, but as usual, there is so much more that goes with each story.

Looking in from the outside, it seems like the year was pretty cruisey, but inside I don’t feel like that at all. My heart was filled with to bursting point with love at times, and crushed to a pulp at others. 2016 was the best of the best, and the worst of the worst, emotionally.

I started the year determined to make it a year to be business focussed, then we got engaged and my plans were derailed. Off I went down the rabbit warren of organising a garden wedding at home. Aubree arrived in spectacular fashion and brought a sparkle back to our lives, a little missing piece of our ever expanding puzzle of family.

I experienced betrayal, and hurt, and heart bursting pride this year. It was such a polar opposite pull of emotion.

Nearing the end, I picked up my bag – and I walked out. Moved away from it all. Built a physical wall of space to distance myself from what hurt.

So, here I sit, overlooking the ocean, on a wild and windy day, watching young families play with their dogs on the beach, wondering if anyone will ever warn them about the heartaches of being a parent.

Of being blindsided by the depth of love you feel the moment you connect eyes with a newborn, knowing one day that they will probably become just a memory to you… should i rush over and say ‘see that little child, that idolises you and thinks you’re the wisest person in the world? Prepare yourself for the day they show you their friends matter more”

But, I know. The pain of a mother’s heart can’t be explained. I could never begin to outline the joy, and the crushing pain of motherhood if I tried.

So I don’t. Instead I smile and wave and throw back the ball, that the shaggy, wet dog has dropped at my feet.

“beautiful home” the Dad yells out.. “beautiful Family” I respond.

2016 is now just a distant memory, the hurts are slowly being soothed and the big love is growing bigger with every passing day. I learned a lot in 2016. I am grateful for the lessons but I pray so very hard that 2017 is a little easier on the soul.

love to you, my friends on the arrival of 2017. May it bring all you wished for, and maybe just a wee bit of what you didn’t, after all, there is no growth without a little pain.

Just Once…

Just Once,

Can you put all the bullshit behind you and just take a shot?

Just Once,

Can you stop being mean to yourself and step up into your best life?

Just Once,

Can you realize that you are the only thing standing in your way?

Just Once,

Can you celebrate all the things that are wonderful about you?

Just Once,

Can you embrace all of you, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beauty that I see when I look at you?

Just Once,

Can you just start living your life as if it is already perfect?

Just Once,

Can you see yourself as I see you?

Just Once.

Be your own best friend.

Just Once?


happiness vs wholeness

Since seeing the Hugh Mackay quote appear in my newsfeed recently, I’ve been giving this a great deal of thought, do I want to be happy, or do I want to be whole?

Hmm, big question.

Happiness to me is being healthy, having healthy kids, a loving relationship, personal safety, freedom and no worries about financial stability. Happiness to another may be travelling the world with nothing but one pair of knickers and a spare set of thongs. Who am I to judge? We are all different and our past experiences have moulded our thinking accordingly.

There will be people that read this and ask why on earth would I list personal safety, in a country like Australia? These would also possibly be the people lucky enough to live in a house without domestic violence, without having ever experienced the walking on eggshells, the listening for any verbal trigger, being on constant alert for non-verbal signs, total awareness of the nearest exit.

Yes, for me personal safety is a large component of my “what makes me happy” list.

Yet, unless i had lived through that terror, i wouldn’t understand how wonderful it is to be safe, how incredibly empowering it is to be able to make a purchase without having permission, or how great it is to be in charge of my own spare time.

Without sadness, there can be no happiness, because there is no measure. Without danger, there is no safety, without incarceration, there is no freedom.

Living through the hard times, brings power and strength to our soul, builds resilience and lifts the spirit to know that this alone will not break us. This is part of becoming whole, experiencing a range of emotion from sadness, fear to compassion and onwards to states of bliss.

Are we less when we are sad? Are the days spent under a blanket hiding from the world, less important than the days we dance and sing with abandon?

I don’t believe so.

My thoughts around the issue are this – we are given days on earth to create our lives, and to experience all we can with the days we have. By allowing ourselves to feel pain, hurt, sadness, grief, we allow ourselves to become whole. To feel real. To experience life’s emotional spectrum, without regret or fear, just as you would share your triumphs, your joys and your moments of great fulfillment.

There have been days when I have blogged about hiding in a blankie fort, and those posts so often become widely read, many people sharing and commenting as they understand that same bleak feeling. I’ve also found that by allowing myself the opportunity to pull the covers over my head and block out the world for the day, gives me time to process that emotion. I don’t ‘soldier on’, I allow it to wash over, feeling into the physical ache that sadness often brings along for the ride.

I also make a point of not packing up to live in this state – I don’t become my sadness, i experience it – and let it move on, move away before being replaced with another. Every day brings a new challenges to our emotional equilibrium. Just as a positive person can not always expect to be happy, a negative person can expect moments of happiness thrown in with their pre-conditioned outlook on life.

Life is not all happiness – hard to believe if you use social media as a yardstick – but I too, am guilty of posting upbeat things about my life, more so because I believe there is enough sadness in the world already. But life is also not all sadness, even people with clinical depression can have a great day, it’s the allowing of emotion without being afraid that’s important. Are we frightened to feel sadness, in case we fall into a pit of “depression”? Are we so caught up in the keeping up with the neighbours, that we are ashamed to admit we are anxious, instead living a veiled life of fabulous on the outside?

Who knows? All I know is that I want to be real. I want to eat real food, sit in the real sunlight, express real and sometimes raw emotion and live my life honestly. I want to love the people around me and send love to the ones who I know aren’t in my corner.

I want to feel my life. I want to sense the excitement of travelling to new places, and smell the scent of new beginnings, I want to hear the words in a tongue I do not understand, and I want to see life through wide eyes of compassion. And I want to laugh, get lost, and find myself in the process.

I guess what i would hope for is a life lived well, lived by helping people, lived by experiencing new things, having deep connection to family and friends, by being  morally courageous, sharing the gift we have been given, standing up for your beliefs and by caring for your fellow man.

To be that, is what would make me feel whole, and that also is what would make me happy. To know I have lived a life well, and left a legacy of love behind me. To have lived my life simply BEING, sharing, caring, loving.

So, Wholeness or happiness? I am still deciding, as each day brings more opportunity to ponder – but until I do, I’ll probably keep striving for both. 🙂








Where have I been all this time? Pissed off, that’s where…

It’s been ages since I last blogged. I know. I apologize for that. Life has been, hmmm, what is the right word, let’s just say hectic, since we last spoke.

I got engaged, it was the twins 20th birthday, I’m planning a wedding, the cutest little grandbaby in the whole of the world hatched, and I am back on the serious exercise train, so you can safely say that my mind has been elsewhere.

I have also been riding an emotional roller coaster as well.

Excitement about being given the most beautiful diamond ring I could ever have imagined, to the depths of embarrassment and shame at the hands of a wedding dress saleswoman. From the dizzy euphoria that comes with regular exercise, and the feeling of increasing strength and self confidence, to the seething anger that arises when I receive emails from people telling me that without their “nutritional cleansing product” I have no hope of ever having a dream wedding… What the actual fuck?

Now I shall apologise right here for the following words, I may swear a little, which I do not normally do here on the blog – but this disempowering bullshit has got to stop.

What right does a salesperson have to burst my bubble of wedding dress shopping because my boobs are a 16DD? What fucken right does she have to tell me that “those puppies are going to make this process more difficult”? What right do any of the people involved in the wedding dress industry have to make women with larger boobsta’s feel less worthy? Like apparently women with tits don’t get married these days? Like we cannot be allowed to feel beautiful, or princess like, or simply stunning on our wedding day?

I stood up on her podium with a dress that made me look like a bloody toilet dolly, and wondered to myself why the fuck she wasn’t listening to me? Maybe my boobs muffled my requests to try a slimline dress?

I listened to her and thought, “I gotta get out of this place before I elbow her in the head”. In the mirror I could see any hope I had of thinking I could be beautiful diminishing with every word she spoke. She was crushing my spirit with every word she spoke.

I might be standing before all of you talking about empowerment and self love and care – yet I allowed this women to make me feel second rate, I let her words into my head, into my psyche, and it hurt. It really fucken hurt. Each time she opened her mouth, my confidence plummeted. It was visible, even to Dave who came along to share this apparently happy time with me.

I ran out of that shop so fast, I left behind my favourite sunnies. And there is no way in hell, I will ever go back to get them. Bitch.

For days, I mulled over the fact that my boobs were not going to let me have a beautiful wedding. I was sad. Really really sad. Like I have waited for this moment to come along for such a long time and when it did, it hurt. Then I got angry. I was so mad with myself for letting her in. How on earth was a mammary gland or two stand in the way of my dream day?

How dare she? How dare this industry decide that a bride could not be beautiful unless super thin? What are we teaching our young girls, if this attitude is the norm?

I need to also tell you that this was not just one bridal store, this woman was representative of every bridal store I went into in Brisbane, hell, one woman laughed when I asked her if I could try on any frocks in her store. She looked at me, and laughed. She fucken laughed at me, because my boobs are a size 16DD. The women herself was no stick figure, I may add, so the hurt was compounded that even someone a similar size was so happy and quick to judge.

If there is one thing I am learning very quickly in this process, it is self control.

Until now.

Since I posted on social media, that I was going to make my wedding dress myself, due to the inability to find a dress that “my puppies” would fit into – I have been hounded by women “wanting to help me create my dream wedding”.

These people are not the friends that wish to help make the cake, or the dress or assist with decorations – oh no, these are the people I barely even know, that feel the need to point out that I am so much less because I don’t “cleanse nutritionally”.. you know the ones?

Yeah, the same ones that post on social media from every coffee shop in town, but you never see at gym class or walking. THOSE kinda people.

Who fucken knew that unless I eat jelly crystals mixed with water two days of every 5, my wedding dream will not happen? Really? I mean REALLY?  You actually sent me a message telling me that YOU KNOW FOR SURE that my wedding will be a disaster unless I follow your program like a brainwashed sheep?? Are you serious?

I have two words for those of you who fill the hearts and minds of vulnerable people in a time that should be happy, empowering, a truly beautiful, loving time of life.


You may feel like you are “helping”, you may feel like you are solving the problems of the world, but in actual fact you are perpetuating the feeling that women are “not enough” unless they drink your shake, take your tablets, roll in your protein powder, and snort your addictive chemicals.

Fuck the lot of you.

As a women with big boobs, I will have a beautiful wedding, I will look into the eyes of the man soon to be my husband and know that he loves every centimetre of my body, boobs n all.

That is what matters, not your $3000 dress, your $6500 per year on shakes and shit, not your attitude and not your “I’m so superior, because I am thinner” judgements. I’ve had it with your fat shaming.

I AM ENOUGH. Just the way I am. Lumps, bumps, scars and big boobstas. Healthy, fit, happy. 5 kids. One gorgeous husband to be and a heart as big as a lion. Someone who exercises every bloody day and feels great about herself. Someone who doesn’t feel the need to put you down, make you feel any less of a woman because you eat cake. Someone who truly believes that it is an empowered woman that empowers a woman – and that together we rise.

I love the way I am – and if you don’t, keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself. I am no longer interested.








I’ve realised I can’t fit everything in…..


Who has time for that these days? LOL – I just feel like I am meeting myhself coming around the corner lately.

We have been to Brisbane, to Bali, back to Brisbane and then to NSW and Victoria, all in the last three or four weeks – as cool as that all sounds, I am actually tired.

Being away from home, yet still attempting to run a business ( or two) is tiring. It is stressful. It is actually bloody hard work. Intermittent Internet, a never ending list of distractions, people to see, places to go… i realise I need to be much more organized.

Or not.

Who puts the pressure on us to achieve everything? Who is the person that thinks we have to perform like Superwoman to “be someone”?


I am solely in charge of what I do, how I do it and how often.

So, the last three weeks, I have been missing in action. I have laughed, loved and learned so much in my travels, i feel like my personal growth has jumped ahead in leaps and bounds, my business, not so much. Does that matter?

Yes and No.

Yes, because I believe consistency is the key to success. And No, because everyone needs downtime.

Pressure off.

I have returned to work this morning, all enthusiastic, invigorated and brimming with new ideas that have arisen whilst laying on a beach in Bali.

Life surely is about success, about stepping into your personal power, but its also about balance.

Sorry I have been missing – but not sorry for the joy of creative hibernation.

But, even with all the joys that Bali living brings, its bloody good to be back amongst it – ruffling the feathers, stretching the imagination, pushing the boundaries….. anddddd loving it….