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Every Day in Every Way, I’m Getting Better and Better

Do you have a Mantra?

Mantra. Brainwashing. Same Same.

The way I see it, the words we speak, think, whisper to ourselves, create the life we lead, so we have to do our best to make sure it is positive.

What are some of your favourite sayings? Are they kind?

Years ago I used to chant the following, whenever I walked for exercise.. “thin and healthy, successful and wealthy”.. and sure enough, over time I achieved all of these.

I hit menopause, my hormones went haywire and I fell into the trap of “nothing is working” – sure enough, I gained 20 kilos effortlessly… Hmm, perhaps I should investigate this mind/body connection a little further.

I have always believed in what you declare, you can achieve and I have used this as a “rule for my life” – manifesting all kinds of goodness, but health?? Would the same principles work with a health related issue?

I read an article recently about the French Doctor, Emile Coue, who treated many of his patients with the same method.

He asked them to repeat over and over, “every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”. ¬†According to the article, he is hailed as a Miracle Worker. He is attributed for curing so many people, of all kinds of ailments, his results are nothing short of amazing..

But, what if he didn’t cure them at all? What if the mantra he asked to be repeated is the actual power?

What if we have the ability to heal ourselves of all kinds of illnesses, using the power of Autosuggestion?

I , once again, have recently used myself as a guinea pig. Whispering this mantra, repeating it over and over again, as I walk, as I shower, as I did the washing up… Anytime I had the opportunity to reflect, I did, and still do.

Who would like to join me? Who is interested in taking the time to heal themselves, to use positive language in an attempt to allow their body and their mind to regain balance.

Dr Emile says that the action of imagination is more powerful than will. We possess within us a force of incalculable power, which when directed in a conscious and wise manner, gives us the mastery of self, and allows escape from physical and moral illness, and allows us to live in relative happiness, in whatever situations we find ourselves in. Click the link to download his book on Autosuggestion, it is an interesting read.

I know I feel much better. I know I feel less stressed at my health issues, I know I have lost bulk weight in a short space of time, I know that I can see myself with a gentle heart now, with love, and I feel more of a need to honour myself for the first time in my whole life.

I know, without a doubt that “every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”.

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