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Fighting those fears, one by one

It is said that once a fear is accepted, acknowledged, it becomes invisible.

It that true? I wonder.

Hmm, perhaps I could try to find out.This week I have decided to face a few fears, and see what happens.

Last week I went to the beach in a bikini. Not a tshirt over the top, sneak it off when no one is looking moment.  Nope, a fully fledged, I am walking from the car to the water in my bathers, moment. For me, that was a big thing. A brave move.

And, Holy sheep, that felt good.

Since then I have started thinking more seriously about fear, how it can cripple us, and how facing it makes all the difference. Now, I am no longer afraid to walk across the sand, to the water in bathers, the self imposed emotion attached to that one action has gone.

Yesterday I decided to visit the local backpacker hangout.

It always has such cool music, great views, and yet I have never been brave enough to step through the door. I know locals are welcome there, but somehow in my head, it was a place for the young and the hip. Sadly my brain had decided that I no longer fit into that category, and therefore I would not be welcome.

No longer.

Along the beach front, up the steps and into the bar area I went. No one looked. No one asked me why I was there. No one actually gave a shit.

And it was even more beautiful than I thought it would be. The drinks were cold, the vibe was relaxed and the scenery was stunning. It is my kinda place. I even knew the words to some of the songs playing..

Who knows why my head told me it wasn’t for me?

This ridiculous thinking led me to ponder what other self imposed fears I harbour – what generational feelings and beliefs do I hold inside, that are absolute bollocks? That I have grown up with, and have inherited accidentally.

I am about to find out… From now on, I shall attempt to smash all of my bullshit, keep me safe stories that my mind has made up. Let’s move forward once and for all.

For once in my life I will be asking “why not?” when faced with an offer I usually turn down. I will step up, I will take the plunge, I will be brave and I will face this stuff head on.

What are some of the things that your head is fearful of?

Are they fiction like mine? Just part of the stay small story that you play for yourself from time to time? Or perhaps yours too, are generational, coming from a time of famine or lack, and handed down through the family as some form of gospel.I’d love to know…¬†

Let us be the ones that smash through these barriers for our kids and grandchildren.