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You Owe It to YOURSELF

You owe it to yourself to live your best life. If you spend every day in a job you hate, with people who annoy you, and a commute which wastes half your day, you need to contemplate doing something different.

We are here on earth for a limited time – when did the rules change to say that we have to do shit that we hate the whole time we are here?

Some people go through the whole of their lives doing what is expected of them – by family, by their friends, by their school teachers and by their upbringing. They fear going against the current – they fear standing out, standing up for themselves. They fear rejection, failure, defeat. They lead lives they hate, for people that don’t have their best interests in mind.


Because to break free is not easy. Because it hurts. Because it gets uncomfortable. Because it is inconvenient. Because it is scary.

People who jump out of the box that they have spent years living in, will always come across resistance. “Whoa up there girl, you are not supposed to be successful – you’re a single mum, you have no job, jaysus, you even live in a tent!” My plans for you involve you staying right where you are, where I can keep an eye on you, control you through your inability to see the future as less fearful.


Being homeless is not in my long term plans. Being poor is also not in my future. Living from week to week, making biscuits and selling door to door is no longer in the equation either. I will succeed, regardless of my past situations, or circumstances. I come from a long line of successful people, and I will raise my children to be the same. My kids never knew we were homeless, they thought we were camping. They didn’t know I didn’t have the money to feed us all, they thought I was dieting.

Life is about perception. Imagination. Creativity.

We have inside us the genius, the kindness, the goodness and the capabilities to make our lives better.  We CAN choose to make our worlds a better place to be.

Yes we will hurt. Yes we may fail. Yes it will be difficult, but no more uncomfortable than continually playing small.

Yes, you will make enemies along the way – that’s life isn’t it? But imagine the people you can help, that can learn from your experiences, that you can empower with your story of success.

The only way to be truly living a life of freedom is to be unapologetically you. No longer governed by past habits, fear or other people’s opinion of who you should be.  Broken free of their low expectations of you.

Of course they will ridicule you, reject you, fear you – but in the end they will all want to be you. Rise up. Speak Your Words. Live YOUR best life.

Ask yourself, how can I help more people? How can telling my story empower people to rise, to make a stand, to make a difference?

Everyone has a story.

Even you.

What story are you telling yourself, and more importantly, what story are you showing your children?

Come join the movement – YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE FB Group – we are changing lives every single day. 🙂


Who’s In?

Oh, I have had such a great week, coaching some really strong minded women to attain new heights in their business and personal lives.I just love waking up to a Facebook Page Request for a newly hatched business.

Thank you to all of the participants in the latest round of Power Hour, I feel super-honoured to be a part of your journey toward success.

This is what we do, this is how we achieve – by taking action. Consistent forward movement, regardless of how small, is the key. Commitment to the Goal. Eyes on the Prize.

This brings me to my next point –

I’ve been kicking around the idea of a Commitment Club for a while now. I’ve thrown the idea out there and got some favourable comments and some “not-so” favourable comments. But I thought, what the heck, let’s give it a whirl.

The idea behind this is simple.

We all have things we wish to achieve, whether that be weight loss, website design, staying away from Diet Coke, teaching a baby new sleeping habits, so wouldn’t it be fabulous if we all have an accountability partner? A whole group of likeminded passionate women who wish to move forward, to make a difference, to rise up and accept their gift in life.

How powerful would that be? Can you imagine the energy that would abound if this happened?

My thoughts are that we met over coffee and declare our commitment for the next fortnight – eg this fortnight I am going to drink only water and herbal tea. I will refrain from drinking any softdrinks for the next 14 days. Simple things like that. Your commitment can be as big or as small as you wish. It can be business, personal or health related. This is your goal, your commitment.

Then in a fortnights time, we meet again, and share our achievement with the group, or ask for some assistance in meeting target if we didn’t attain success.

There would be no cost involved other buying your coffee, there is no formal commitment to coming every fortnight. You can come every fortnight, or once every three months, the focus is about bringing positive and empowering energy to the table to share.

I stand to gain nothing but being surrounded by absolutely soul empowered women! How bloody cool would that be?

I am excited already.

What are your thoughts about this? Keen?

I have a few commitments to take care of myself, it appears I am doing an Eastern States of Oz tour in the next three weeks – but after that – watch this space for a huge dose of super awesome!