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The Power of Mantras

Do you have a mantra that you live by?

A mantra can be described as a series of words that are spoken, either silently or aloud, to evoke powerful spiritual or physical change to oneself.

Years ago, when i first discovered Louise Hays and her positive teachings, I was a bit skeptical – but, having hit almost rock bottom at the time, I figured creating a mantra wasn’t ever going to hurt.

Far from hurting the situation, my mantra actually turned my life around.

And I mean – Totally.

From Homelessness to Happiness.

Having positive thoughts floating through my head all day had a profound impact on the way I viewed life in general. It impacted every area of my life. I look back now and see that it was akin to medicine for both my mind and soul.

Affirming these positive words into my thoughts multiple times a day, allowed these words to seep into my subconscious, brainwashing me if you will, into shifting my negative patterns and behaviours into positive ones.

I used mine “Thin, Healthy, Successful and Wealthy” as a kind of metronome, keeping pace with my steps as I walked each morning and evening.

Mantra’s set the mind to thinking of positive things, engaging it for good, rather than listening to the negative mind chatter that we often recite to ourselves at every opportunity. As wise Eckhardt Tolle once said, it is never the situation that hurts us, just our thoughts about that situation – or words to that effect, as I never have been good at remembering anything I read, exactly word for word.

Emile Coue, the great French psychologist used the power of what he called “auto suggestion” with all of his patients, having them repeat the words “everyday in every way I am getting better and better”, with incredible results. His suggestion is one I use often, myself.

He believed that any thought that occupied the mind, would bring that thought into reality. A little like “what you believe, you achieve” which, I think, came from Henry Ford.

Little does it matter who said what, in what year of our history, what matters most is what we then choose to create for our futures.

What are the words that you use to describe yourself, your day, your life? Are they positive?

If you really sat down and studied them, would they truly be bringing you exactly as you have asked?

Words have power, let there be no doubt of that, how you use yours is a choice you need to make carefully.

I would love to hear your thoughts around mantras – have they worked for you – when do you recite yours – and what are the words that hold the power for you?

Making Myself Happy

So, this week has been spent making myself happy. Dancing, singing, catching up with friends long overdue, cleaning out cupboards, plotting my intentions for world domination, and generally lifting my spirits as much as i can.

Was it easy? Someday’s yes. Someday’s, not so easy. It was an effort. But I persevered and it worked.

I am not about to go on a ramble about how the method will cure you of depression, but I can tell you that it makes a difference.

Is it the fact that we have to step up and take personal responsibility for our world? Possibly.

Is it the fact that we give ourselves permission to be happy, even just for 5 consecutive days? Possibly.

Is it because for the last 5 days, we searched for the good, rather than the miserable? Quite Possibly as well.

Who knows why and how it works? Who cares, really?

The fact of the matter is that I started the week feeling flat and sad, and ended it feeling quite uplifted, and well on my way to my goal of Positively Impacting One Million Lives.

I manifested new clients. I have created new courses and groups and fun ways of making a difference to the lives of others. I’ve been focussed and super excited about the world this week.

Imagine how your life might change, if every morning, you asked yourself the question “what will make me happy today?”

Rather than listening to the naysayers, take control and decide once and for all that your world is going to be wonderful. Don’t take advice from the beige army – surround yourself with people who light you up, who make you energetic, who fill your mind with happiness and possibilities and bright options for the future.

Motivational Magic works. Trust me.


Just Once…

Just Once,

Can you put all the bullshit behind you and just take a shot?

Just Once,

Can you stop being mean to yourself and step up into your best life?

Just Once,

Can you realize that you are the only thing standing in your way?

Just Once,

Can you celebrate all the things that are wonderful about you?

Just Once,

Can you embrace all of you, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beauty that I see when I look at you?

Just Once,

Can you just start living your life as if it is already perfect?

Just Once,

Can you see yourself as I see you?

Just Once.

Be your own best friend.

Just Once?


What do you take for granted?

I am in the beautiful, rugged south west of Tasmania this week – with its stunning scenery, and clear crisp air – it is moments like this that I am reminded of what an incredible visually diverse country that we live in.

From the red outback dust of the Northern Territory, cool, dark green rainforests of the coastline, and onward to the bleak and denuded landscape of the area surrounding Queenstown in Tassie. Its stark contrasts show beauty in every vista, and this morning, as we chipped the ice away from the windscreen to commence our journey, I had to really remind myself how lucky I am.

Even though I am so cold, I stabbed myself in the tummy with safety pin trying to hold my spencer and my workpants together so my back didn’t get cold, I am lucky.

Even though my fingers are numb and are refusing to cooperate whilst attempting to blog, I am lucky.

Even though I have to go through this cold weather for another three days, I am lucky. I am lucky enough to have had the ability to travel here, and experience this beautiful part of the world.

Even though I am working and have absolutely no time to check out the local sights, or markets, or waterfalls, I am lucky.

Too often, it’s too easy to fall into the trap of complaining about ‘your lot in life’. Complaining about the weather, about the rates, about the price of fuel. Yes, I agree all can be painful, but spending the day focussed on what goes bad is not helpful.

Constantly complaining is like handing the Universe a shopping list for all the things you DON’T want. Focus on the things in life that are running smoothly, and that you DO want.

I whinged 6 times yesterday about wanting to warm up, so the Universe sent me some hot flushes last night to warm me.. how about that for supportive?? Ask and ye shall receive – got that message loud and clear!

Instead of complaining about the cold, I should have asked for a car with a working heater. Instead of complaining about not the room heater not being hot enough, I should have looked earlier for the electric blanket switch.

Today, even I needed to be reminded.

Be grateful for opportunity, however they present in your life. The fact that I am in a part of Tassie that I have never seen before, with my bestie, should be reason enough to be thankful.

Be gracious in accepting time away from home, or an adventure, no matter how cold it might be in the morning’s. Heck, I could be at home alone, watching the rain and feeling lonely.

Looking at life’s challenges in an appreciative light, may not solve everything, but it certainly makes life more positive. Lighter somehow, less negative, more fun.

You could even be happy if you were having a temporary financial difficulty, that assists you in creating strong budgeting skills for future growth. Look for the good in every situation.

Be prepared to find it hard to find the silver lining in some passing clouds – I know, some clouds can descend and seem like the winter of your life is here to stay – but if there is one thing that I know for sure, and that is that everything passes.

EVERYTHING. PASSES. Really, it does. You will look back in two years and wonder what on earth you were complaining about.

Situations in life occur only to teach us things, to push us, to bend us, and to enrich our lives.

This morning on drive to work, I stopped my groaning, and forced myself to count the things in life, I sometimes take for granted. It isn’t that I am not grateful for all of these things, sometimes I just forget how fabulous life really is, when it is cold and I’m overtired and Nescafe Blend 43 hasn’t quite hit the spot…. i have to give myself an internal uppercut, and take a moment to take stock.

I have hundreds of things in life i am grateful for, and yes, for the last couple of days, I HAD been taking them for granted.

Like warm weather. Like walking into your ensuite and not being afraid there is a penguin colony inhabiting the shower. Like cupping your hands around a hot mug of tea and feeling it warm the back of your throat all the way down. Like waking up with your best friend. Like hot water in the taps. Like pumpkin soup for dinner by a log fire. Like meeting new people who are happy, friendly and helpful. Like taking a drug test and not “wetting” the outside of the urine sample collection bottle. Like being healthy enough to climb up hundreds of steel grated steps without puffing. Like healthy kids and fabulous friends. Like going into a store to use my Debit card and not being afraid of it being declined. Like Paw Paw Ointment doubling as really effective hair gel.

Yeah that. And heaps and heaps more.

If I actually had the time to sit and think about all of the great things in my life, I would be here forever.

We all have hundreds of things in life to be grateful for. Truly, we do.

I AM grateful for the life I lead. I am grateful for the fact that my life can one day be sitting in the sunshine writing a book chapter, and the next, preparing to polar bear wrestle in the wilds of southern Tasmania.

Sometimes, I need to be jolted out of my comfort zone, and slapped with a cold, harsh reminder, just like this.

What are some of the things that you take for granted? Do you feel the need to stop, take stock and reflect a little on the great things in your life? What would you change? Your thinking? Your behaviour? Your words?

Where ever you are in life today, I hope the weather is kind, your friends are loyal and your words are positive. I shall leave you know, and be back again next week to share a thought or two on living your bravest life. 🙂

Talk soon, I’m off to wrestle a penguin..





Stop Giving a F*ck…

How come it has taken me 52 years to work out that I will never be everyone’s cup of tea? No matter how much I bend, conform, change, play small. No matter how hard I try – it won’t happen.

How come I let other people’s opinion bother me so much? How come?

Recently I decided to not give a f*ck. Not one more f*ck will be shared on a silver platter.

If someone doesn’t like the way I speak, spell, write, dress, look – f*ck em. Really, I no longer give a rats proverbial.

Can you imagine how freeing it is? Not having to look, nor dress according to society? Not having to behave as anticipated by your peers? Walk on a different path to your family’s expectations? Not follow the same boring path to online success that your coach tells you (and every other person they coach)? Can you even begin to believe in the power in writing your own story?

Really, I want you to imagine how this could change your life. Seriously. Life. Changing.

Allow yourself the opportunity to daydream a little here – what were the things that you always wanted to do – the things that used to make your heart sing, the countries you wished to travel to.. who would you be if you weren’t so busy conforming? Where would you be?

Live Louder.

Over the course of my life, I have been lucky enough to have been allowed to opportunity to transform my life dramatically, multiple times. I have been really, really wealthy, and really, really poor. I have had long brunette hair and worn stilettos, and short blonde hair coupled with hi vis shirts and steel caps boots. I’ve spent time in sporting uniforms and also the most restricting business suits imaginable. I’ve lived a life in lycra and now spend my days deciding each morning to dress according to my mood.

When was I happier? Through all those times, job’s, persona’s… when was I the happiest?

Never more than now.

I have allowed myself to breathe into the space of self confidence, to fill my soul with the beauty of being enough, to look in the mirror each day and feel fabulously happy. Every single day. I am happy being me now.

I may not be the most successful, nor the most prolific, or the most widely read author, but I am happy. I write. I smile. My heart expands. I AM who I AM.

Like it or lump it.

I no longer give a f*ck if you like what you see if you happen to notice me in Coles. I no longer care that you stare disparagingly at my figure, or my shoes, or the contents of my trolley. I no longer care if my hair length, colour or style is not the latest fashion. I wear it how I like it. Easy care.

I now live my life according to my own rules. According to my own principles and according to the words that follow my I AM statement each evening when I journal. I AM happy – I AM Successful – I AM healthy, wealthy, wise, fit, a digital nomad, beachfront CEO in training, with a fabulously healthy happy family and wonderful husband. If I wanna put on my sunnies and drive across the country in a convertible, I will. Sorry,  I am no longer sorry if it doesn’t sit well with you.

When will you give up giving a f*ck what people will think and live life according to your own rules? And tell me, what will change when you do?

How will your life be different?





Feed MY Soul Friday

Feed Your Soul Week Ad BlackFeed My Soul.

Even just hearing those words, relaxes me.

The gentle breath of the word soul makes my heart smile.

The fact that I try to dedicate at least one Friday a month for me, allows me to feel abundantly enough, gives me permission to take the day off from everyone else’s tasks and do what nourishes me. Some months I feel like a massage, some indulgent shopping, or like today, coffee with a soul sister.

Next week, brings Feed Your Soul Week to iamjakimac.com. We have a whole week of women, willing to share their secrets in how they best feed and soothe their soul.

We have advice from Naturopaths, from Kahuna Massage Practitioners, from Doula’s and busy mums, just like you, on how they nourish themselves, particularly in times of stressful situations.

Given that we are fast approaching Christmas, end of year parties, and the whole range of silly season engagements – allowing yourself a week to chill, prepare and relax beforehand will be super important.

Join me Monday for the first of these Guest Bloggers, and remember to share everyday amongst your friends and within the groups and pages you belong to, that you think might need to hear the messages contained.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Till next time, remember the Universe loves you.

J xx


Are you who you were you born to be?

Born to Be SassyWe are all born with a message, a passion, an inner knowing of who we are, and what we want to be.

As kids, we laugh and play and dream of greater things, like being an astronaut, or a model, a Gold Medallist, winning an Oscar.

When did you loose that?

Was it when you went to school, and were told to sit down and be quiet – to stop using your imagination and follow the sheep?

When did you become someone else’s version of who you should be? The good girl, the studious one, the sporty one, the outspoken tomboy?

Are you living someone else’s life right now? Do you put your dreams on hold for a later date? What if there isn’t one?

Now I don’t mean for you to wake up this morning, thrown your clothes into a backpack and drive off into the sunset, never to be heard of again. No. I mean there is a way to combine the life you lead now, with the life you wish to have.

Start incrementally. Develop a plan, dream once more. Indulge in the passions that you had as a child. Write more, draw more, paint more. Laugh more.

I do believe that we each have a purpose. I do believe that when we live according to that purpose, we become aligned, more in tune with the inner self. There is less illness, because there is less stress.

Please listen to your inner child. Find that message once more, the fire inside to step up and into the life of your dreams. Become real. Be You. Unapologetically YOU.

This is my favourite photo of Imogen.  This girl was born to be sassy. She has always had fabulous self awareness. She has a presence and holds her space in this world, without fear. She is who she is. Like it or not.

Looking at it, makes me try to remember the exact moment I lost my feeling of self worth – the moment my light dimmed, and my hands no longer sat on my hips, as proudly as hers do here. As much as this photo makes me smile, it also makes me ache for the little girl that was so very lost inside of me, for such a long time.

My journey back to the brighter side of life, took me down some very dark tunnels at times, but I am almost there – back to the “This is my life, my message that I have to share with the world”

Please take a moment today, to think about what your were born to do? And then ask yourself, am I living that?

Stand up. Take a deep breath – and announce to the World.

“This is who I AM.”



I AM – Enough

Two Courageous Questions for you today.. One surrounds I AM, but instead of me asking you to list all the fabulous and wonderful things that follow the words I AM – I want you to repeat after me.

I AM – Enough.

Say it on your morning walk, tell the dog, sing it in the shower, but say it loud and say it often.

Because you are – enough.

As we have talked about in the past, your brain hears everything you say, and everything you think. I want you to replace all that negativity with I AM ENOUGH.

I have created a graphic for you to print and stick on your fridge or on your dream board or your office wall.

The other question is a ripper “what are you waiting to hear”?

When I ask my clients this question, it is often something like I want to hear my Mum say I am proud of you, I want to hear my Dad say you’re a success, I want to hear my eldest brother tell me he is sorry for a fight that happened when I was 10…

Things that you may even think are silly, but I want you to ask yourself this question a few times, and then reflect on the answers that arise.

I lost 70kgs and I was making 180k a year, and yet I have still never heard My Mum say “good job, girl”… so I know what the raw nerve is with me..

Now, I tell myself those very words. Good job girl. I’m proud of you. Mammoth Effort. Great Job.

What are the words that you need to hear?

Start talking.

Head on over to the Get your Sh!t Together 5 Day Challenge to hear more courageous questions..