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The Power of Mantras

Do you have a mantra that you live by?

A mantra can be described as a series of words that are spoken, either silently or aloud, to evoke powerful spiritual or physical change to oneself.

Years ago, when i first discovered Louise Hays and her positive teachings, I was a bit skeptical – but, having hit almost rock bottom at the time, I figured creating a mantra wasn’t ever going to hurt.

Far from hurting the situation, my mantra actually turned my life around.

And I mean – Totally.

From Homelessness to Happiness.

Having positive thoughts floating through my head all day had a profound impact on the way I viewed life in general. It impacted every area of my life. I look back now and see that it was akin to medicine for both my mind and soul.

Affirming these positive words into my thoughts multiple times a day, allowed these words to seep into my subconscious, brainwashing me if you will, into shifting my negative patterns and behaviours into positive ones.

I used mine “Thin, Healthy, Successful and Wealthy” as a kind of metronome, keeping pace with my steps as I walked each morning and evening.

Mantra’s set the mind to thinking of positive things, engaging it for good, rather than listening to the negative mind chatter that we often recite to ourselves at every opportunity. As wise Eckhardt Tolle once said, it is never the situation that hurts us, just our thoughts about that situation – or words to that effect, as I never have been good at remembering anything I read, exactly word for word.

Emile Coue, the great French psychologist used the power of what he called “auto suggestion” with all of his patients, having them repeat the words “everyday in every way I am getting better and better”, with incredible results. His suggestion is one I use often, myself.

He believed that any thought that occupied the mind, would bring that thought into reality. A little like “what you believe, you achieve” which, I think, came from Henry Ford.

Little does it matter who said what, in what year of our history, what matters most is what we then choose to create for our futures.

What are the words that you use to describe yourself, your day, your life? Are they positive?

If you really sat down and studied them, would they truly be bringing you exactly as you have asked?

Words have power, let there be no doubt of that, how you use yours is a choice you need to make carefully.

I would love to hear your thoughts around mantras – have they worked for you – when do you recite yours – and what are the words that hold the power for you?

Personal Satisfaction is all that matters..

Morning Monday.

Where have I been of late?

Well aside from physically being overseas on holidays, I have also been missing emotionally. I haven’t posted here for ages and I don’t know why, to be honest.

It appears I have been lost in a swamp of same same, falling down the vortex of forever learning the next “big thing” when all I really want to do is motivate people with my writing.

That’s it. I just wanna help people feel better about themselves.

Some may call it small time thinking, some may say I am leaving money on the table, and as a business coach, I am well aware of that fact, but does the whole social media world light me up? Not any more.

I have been feeling disconnected, out of sorts and semi pissed off with my ever increasing To Do List, to create sales funnels, to make opt ins, to have lead magnets and to lure the shoppers in with all kinds of wonderful wizardry.

Bugger all that. It all feels so super icky to me, inauthentic and false.

So, as always, when I feel like the world is crashing in, I head overseas for some perspective. Last week I was in Singapore.

Fun for a week, exhausting but oh so interesting. Expensive to drink, inexpensive and delicious to eat.

But, back to my original thought, personal satisfaction.

Fundamentally I am a writer. I love to express myself through words, through painting a written picture for you to conjure up, to dream of, to think about.

I am not a marketer. I am not a funnel creator. I am a writer who travels, who knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff, and who has vast experience of both the highs and the lows of life. I have found myself awakened in midlife, possibly having one of the best times of my life, and if this is a midlife crisis, I am owning it.

Having the beauty of being able to blame any rash decision now on menopause, I am here today to tell you – that I am returning to writing, to laughing, to being who I am and making no apologies for it. I am forgoing the sales techniques, and the tactics that make others so much money, and give me a headache, for this, personal satisfaction.

This week I am commencing a huge rebrand, not only of the website, but of myself. Who am I when I am the happiest? Who am I when no one is looking? Who am I when I want to serve others, and what are the strengths I have been given that allow me to do so?

What do I even want my new midlife life to look like? So far in life, I have been able to manifest absolutely every single thing I have ever wanted… so what is it that I want now?

Hmmm, personal satisfaction.

I wanna wake up every morning and feel alive, and well, and happy. I want to serve others by motivating them to make more of their lives, to bring the joy back to their worlds, and understand that the future is theirs to create. I want to look out at this beautiful ocean and see children playing, whales breaching and yachts passing my window every day.

I want to feel deep happiness. I want to feel connected, loved, listened to.

I want to do everyday, things that make me happy. Like writing. Like laughing. Like making a difference in the lives of my community.

Like this.

What brings you personal satisfaction? Do you also feel that yours is becoming more important than all the “must do’s, according to society or colleagues”?

Where are you at in your life, right now? Do you feel the pull of your “truth” as well?

I’d love to know more… Drop by on Facebook and tell me how you are feeling.


Why not me?

One of my recent conversations with a friend went something like this….”How come you get all the cool stuff, living on an island and stuff – why not me?”

“I dunno, have you ever asked to live on an island?” I said.

“well, no” she replied..

That’ll do it.

How do you ever expect to get what you ask for if you never ask?

Honestly, it is that simple.

The hardest part in making change is making the decision what you truly wish your life looked like.

My grass may look greener to some, but maybe I just water it.

What you want, wants you.

The trick is ridding yourself of all the blocks you might have that keep you from receiving.

What if all I ever did was ask and that was all it took to set the universal wheels in motion.

What is stopping you from asking? Hmmm, now there is some food for thought..




SHAG’ing is great for the soul…

Well, According to the book I read this morning….

I was feeling a little off this morning, nothing dramatic but just not quite right.

Because I have learned over the years to trust my internal compass, I sat down and asked myself, what it was that I needed to feel better. The answer was sunshine. I thought about it for a moment, and realised that with winter being here, there had been a few days pass since I had got my daily dose of that beautiful winter sun on my face, so off I went to the local marina cafe to read.

It is a book that attempts to outline the Law of Attraction in simple terms, and I had to laugh out loud when I got to the page entitled SHAG, Baby… It certainly got my attention..

SHAG, as it turns out stands for So Happy and Grateful. And the author Sean believes that the creation of one or two detailed lines, outlining your ambitions, written in present tense, beginning with the words “I am so happy and grateful now that…..” is extremely powerful in thrusting your mental image forward into the future, built of your dreams.

Carrying your SHAG statement around and reciting often throughout the day will encourage the seeds of possibility to commence sprouting. Training your mind of deliberately putting yourself in the picture of the future, envisioning yourself at every opportunity. Apparently SHAGing becomes easier with practise.. Who knew? 😉

So, my friends, I give you permission to SHAG morning and night, and more often if possible.

Get into a relaxed state and read out those lines, attract the fulfillment of your desire, visualise your heart’s desire…. and SHAG!


You can’t be happy…

….if you are happy being sad.

“Hold on, wait a second, what do you mean I can’t be happy, if I am happy being sad?

What the heck does that mean? I am NOT happy being sad????”

Or are you?

Do you ever feel that you’re playing a role in life? That you are actually living according to others expectations, rather than how you truly feel?

No one, regardless of your situation, can be unhappy every single moment of every single day. Seriously, it isn’t possible.

Sometimes it isn’t even you that is making you unhappy – imagine living in a sea of negative voices, would you be floating or drowning in that kind of environment?

It is up to us to make ourselves happy – every day, we have a choice. We can wake and be grateful for the things around us, or we can piss and moan about how cold it is, how the birds are singing, how the sunlight wakes us up, or how the life partner you have chosen is still breathing.

Sometimes being unhappy becomes a habit. Some of you have been un happy for so many years, you’ve forgotten what makes you smile.

Today, find 5 minutes to do something that makes you smile – it might be pushing a child on a swing, running on the beach, reading, gardening, sewing, singing – it doesn’t have to cost any money, and it doesn’t have to take much time.

5 Minute Smiles – how can you not find the time for that? Unless, of course, you’re happy being sad.




Simple Steps to Transform Your Life

We all have something in common – everyone wants to know the secrets of having it all – living their best life – being the best version of ourselves that we can be.

And we are all very capable of making massive transformation – often a total 180 degree turn around – and quite conceivably in a very short space of time, after all who would be interested if I said “Transform your Life in 17.5 Years?”.

No, we want quick. We want visible. We want practical. AND we want it now!

Significant and long lasting transformation shouldn’t take forever, but it will mean that you must be open to embrace the change, and commit to having to step beyond your current habits or lifestyle.

Are you prepared to give something up in order to gain positive change? Are you prepared to face some challenges, perhaps an obstacle or two, in order to lead your new life? A life filled with health, happiness, success, wealth, growth, travel, whatever your heart desires?

What you do in your daily life is what I like to call your signature lifestyle  – your daily habits create your reality, whether you like that or not, it is true. You are where you are because of your past choices.

If you wish to change your life, make better choices. Empowered Decisions, and then take the inspired action required.

Living your life mission is important – sharing the gift that you have been given is paramount – understanding how powerful you truly are, is mindblowing. Everyone has a story. Everyone has been given lessons on Earth in order for them to be able to assist others out of that same situation.

Life transformation is not hard, but it takes commitment to yourself.

Knowing WHY you are wanting change, knowing who will benefit from your transformation, knowing who is on your team, and also who doesn’t clap when you win – all of these things are life changing.

Find the time. Listen to yourself. Make yourself the priority. Pick yourself First.

Keep your eyes on the You CAN Transform Your Life FB Group, the I AM Jaki Mac FB Group for the upcoming information on the 5 Day Challenge that is coming really soon.



As the world gets busy –

and pressure to achieve mount up, I stop to reflect on what truly matters.

My health, my husband, the health and happiness of the people in my world, these are the things that are important to me.

Not the deadline for releasing a new book – or publishing a new blog post. Yeah, they matter, but they aren’t my priority.

The gorgeous husband of mine currently works away, so I only get to see him every few weeks. And when he is here, I devote my time to us. To making memories, to doing stuff together and having fun.

There is plenty of time to work when he isn’t here – so if you message and I don’t answer straight away, please understand that sometimes Life is being lived elsewhere.

Are there times in your life, where your attention is anywhere other than where it should be? Do you feel like you bring your work home, or that the local gossip interferes with your home life?

Time to take stock, my friends, reevaluate what matters.

And return to self.

You matter. Your family matters. Facebook can wait.

I Am Going To Die

Hopefully not soon but I am fully aware that it will happen. You will die. My pets will die.

My parents, and siblings will too.

In fact, some already have.

Very unexpectedly. Much too early. Without a chance to say goodbye.

And that is the very reason that I refuse to let the world pass me by.

I won’t wait till the “right time”  – I refuse to linger until I am in a nursing home to wish I had looked outside at the clouds. I won’t wait until the hand I hold is leathery and cold to say I love you.

I will speak my truth. I will share the love in my world.

I didn’t stay in a profession I hated, just to pay the bills. I created a life I love.

I moved to the beach. Because I wanted to see if I liked living by the water. And as it turns out, I do.

Never will be a good time to walk barefoot in the grass, or play with the kids in the backyard. There will always be washing to do, housework to finish, assignments to write, bills to pay. You will never find the time for fun unless you start today. Consciously, making an effort to bring love back to your life.

Why are we now made feel than unless we push ourselves every single day, we cannot be classified as having lived a successful life?

Why is it that we so often leave the words unsaid, until we no longer have the chance to utter them?

Why are we always searching for more, when really simplicity is the answer?

Time is running out.

What are you doing right this second?

Does it bring you joy?

Get up from your desk – go outside, smell that fresh air, bask in the sunshine, notice the frangipanis in bloom.

Take ten deep breaths. Remind yourself why you are alive. Feel the life force inside of you.

Go ring a friend. Better still, go visit them. Roll up at their door after a roadtrip to just say “I missed you.”

Hug your partner. Tell your kids you love them. A lot.

Bake for your neighbour, cut the lawn of another. Love more. Send the ripples of heart out far and wide.

We are not here just to Live, then Die. We are here to love. To share that Love. To bring joy to our own lives and in doing so create the ripples that extend all across your pond.

You matter.

You matter to me. You matter to the Universe.

Don’t wait until you’re dying to begin to live your life, start now. TODAY.

So, how do I go about this Transformation thang?

You get my emails, you read my blog posts, you follow me on social media, you know that I spend my whole life teaching people how to transform their lives into something magical.

It’s my passion to show you how to shake things up, how to jump out of the swamp and into the sparkly world of manifesting and living a great life.

I bring back the fun, I open your eyes to opportunity, I help you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Yeah, yeah, enough of the airy, fairy bullshit” I hear you say..

HOW? How do I do this? How do I change my life from one of lack to one of abundance? How do I do this whole revampy thing? Where the heck do I start?

“Begin at the beginning and continue until the end, then stop” as Lewis Carroll so famously once wrote.

Today, over in the YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE FB Group, we talk about starting taking responsibility for your life. We talk about making plans and taking action.

For you today, your first step is to join the group – join the motivation and join the inspiration that lives within its confines. We will soon be running a 5 Day Challenge, and all that info will be within the group.

Wanna change your life? Wanna bring back the excitement and the fun and the energy? Get over there now, we are waiting. You Can Transform YOUR Life. Be there, or be bored.

Raise Your Vibration to Match Your Dream Life..

Yesterday in the group I spoke about how easy it is to manifest your perfect life. As a follow up from that, today we will talk about how raising your vibration to match your desires, goes a long way to speeding up that manifestation.

Everything in the Universe has a vibration, including you. Each of our levels vibrate at a different rate, physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. Given that quantum science tells us that Like attracts Like, vibrating at a higher level will allow us to attract other high vibrations toward us. You will attract motivating people, opportunity will appear to fall into your lap,  you may get that new job, or start to see an increase in your bank balance.

Similarly, if your vibration is low, that feeling of negativity seems to compound, a never ending cycle of flat tyres, missed meetings, bounced cheques and toxic relationships.

How then do we raise our vibration? Here is a couple of tips to allow your vibration to soar and attract that super life closer every day.

  1. Increase your water intake, if it can be filtered, that’s even better. A body that is low in hydration cannot vibrate at its highest potential. Visualise that life force filling your void and energizing every cell of your body
  2. Nourish Your Body with Fresh Real Food. Eliminate the processed foods, eat foods that have a vibrational energy as well. Try a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables to raise that vibration.
  3. Think consciously. Use only words that lift the spirit. Be very aware of the phrases and words that you use on a regular basis. Are they positive, complementary to self? Are you allowing your focus to be on where you wish to be, or are you still hanging out in the world of what you don’t want?
  4. Find the beauty in your surroundings. Listen to the birds. Hear the children laughing in the park. Smell the roses. See the vibrancy of colour in your environment.
  5. Find the time to meditate every single day. Even if it is just a ten minute break over lunch, sitting in the park listening to a youtube meditation, do it. Find the space, clear the mind of worry.
  6. Give thanks. Find the gratitude in everything that happens to you. You’re either loving life, or learning from it. Be aware of that, and know that the learnings will continue until you have understood the lesson.
  7. Exercise daily. I do not expect you to complete a marathon, or to undertake a bootcamp, but find the exercise movements that you love and do it. Movement raises the vibration, but give some thought to the fact that the whole time you’re doing this, you hate it. What kind of vibrational message are you creating? Find the exercise that you love – take a walk along the beach, swim, yoga and pilates, dance, belly dance.. make it fun.
  8. My favourite. Doing acts of service for others. Especially randomly and without any intention of recognition. Mow the neighbour’s lawn, pay for the coffee for the man behind you, buy a bunch of flowers for a young mum, drop a grocery order on the front step of a large family, smile at a stranger, donate some money to the homeless. Any acts of service makes you feel good inside, lifts the spirits and allow that positive higher vibration to resonate throughout.

Give some of these ideas a try – and leave me a message either below or on Facebook. Be a vibrational match for the things you wish to co-create.