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The Power of Mantras

Do you have a mantra that you live by?

A mantra can be described as a series of words that are spoken, either silently or aloud, to evoke powerful spiritual or physical change to oneself.

Years ago, when i first discovered Louise Hays and her positive teachings, I was a bit skeptical – but, having hit almost rock bottom at the time, I figured creating a mantra wasn’t ever going to hurt.

Far from hurting the situation, my mantra actually turned my life around.

And I mean – Totally.

From Homelessness to Happiness.

Having positive thoughts floating through my head all day had a profound impact on the way I viewed life in general. It impacted every area of my life. I look back now and see that it was akin to medicine for both my mind and soul.

Affirming these positive words into my thoughts multiple times a day, allowed these words to seep into my subconscious, brainwashing me if you will, into shifting my negative patterns and behaviours into positive ones.

I used mine “Thin, Healthy, Successful and Wealthy” as a kind of metronome, keeping pace with my steps as I walked each morning and evening.

Mantra’s set the mind to thinking of positive things, engaging it for good, rather than listening to the negative mind chatter that we often recite to ourselves at every opportunity. As wise Eckhardt Tolle once said, it is never the situation that hurts us, just our thoughts about that situation – or words to that effect, as I never have been good at remembering anything I read, exactly word for word.

Emile Coue, the great French psychologist used the power of what he called “auto suggestion” with all of his patients, having them repeat the words “everyday in every way I am getting better and better”, with incredible results. His suggestion is one I use often, myself.

He believed that any thought that occupied the mind, would bring that thought into reality. A little like “what you believe, you achieve” which, I think, came from Henry Ford.

Little does it matter who said what, in what year of our history, what matters most is what we then choose to create for our futures.

What are the words that you use to describe yourself, your day, your life? Are they positive?

If you really sat down and studied them, would they truly be bringing you exactly as you have asked?

Words have power, let there be no doubt of that, how you use yours is a choice you need to make carefully.

I would love to hear your thoughts around mantras – have they worked for you – when do you recite yours – and what are the words that hold the power for you?

Raise Your Vibration to Match Your Dream Life..

Yesterday in the group I spoke about how easy it is to manifest your perfect life. As a follow up from that, today we will talk about how raising your vibration to match your desires, goes a long way to speeding up that manifestation.

Everything in the Universe has a vibration, including you. Each of our levels vibrate at a different rate, physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. Given that quantum science tells us that Like attracts Like, vibrating at a higher level will allow us to attract other high vibrations toward us. You will attract motivating people, opportunity will appear to fall into your lap,  you may get that new job, or start to see an increase in your bank balance.

Similarly, if your vibration is low, that feeling of negativity seems to compound, a never ending cycle of flat tyres, missed meetings, bounced cheques and toxic relationships.

How then do we raise our vibration? Here is a couple of tips to allow your vibration to soar and attract that super life closer every day.

  1. Increase your water intake, if it can be filtered, that’s even better. A body that is low in hydration cannot vibrate at its highest potential. Visualise that life force filling your void and energizing every cell of your body
  2. Nourish Your Body with Fresh Real Food. Eliminate the processed foods, eat foods that have a vibrational energy as well. Try a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables to raise that vibration.
  3. Think consciously. Use only words that lift the spirit. Be very aware of the phrases and words that you use on a regular basis. Are they positive, complementary to self? Are you allowing your focus to be on where you wish to be, or are you still hanging out in the world of what you don’t want?
  4. Find the beauty in your surroundings. Listen to the birds. Hear the children laughing in the park. Smell the roses. See the vibrancy of colour in your environment.
  5. Find the time to meditate every single day. Even if it is just a ten minute break over lunch, sitting in the park listening to a youtube meditation, do it. Find the space, clear the mind of worry.
  6. Give thanks. Find the gratitude in everything that happens to you. You’re either loving life, or learning from it. Be aware of that, and know that the learnings will continue until you have understood the lesson.
  7. Exercise daily. I do not expect you to complete a marathon, or to undertake a bootcamp, but find the exercise movements that you love and do it. Movement raises the vibration, but give some thought to the fact that the whole time you’re doing this, you hate it. What kind of vibrational message are you creating? Find the exercise that you love – take a walk along the beach, swim, yoga and pilates, dance, belly dance.. make it fun.
  8. My favourite. Doing acts of service for others. Especially randomly and without any intention of recognition. Mow the neighbour’s lawn, pay for the coffee for the man behind you, buy a bunch of flowers for a young mum, drop a grocery order on the front step of a large family, smile at a stranger, donate some money to the homeless. Any acts of service makes you feel good inside, lifts the spirits and allow that positive higher vibration to resonate throughout.

Give some of these ideas a try – and leave me a message either below or on Facebook. Be a vibrational match for the things you wish to co-create.

Manifesting 101

I guess by now you would have read my Facebook post about all the wonderful things that members of the I AM Facebook Group have been manifesting. There have been jobs, new cars, cruises, Mr Right… all kinds of fabulous things!

I also got some messages about “What on Earth is manifesting” – WTF? Where the hell have you been? Have I not been sprouting off about it for months now?

But – for those who are unsure, here is a Manifesting 101 Course for you.

Spend a few hours thinking about what it is you really want – is it a new car? Job? Partner? Holiday?

Then get specific – real specific. Need a new job? – what hours, distance from home, uniforms, the personalities of the people you will work with, your rate of pay, organized office, challenging, opportunity of advancement, something that really is your passion.

If it is a car, what colour, model, price, seating capacity, months of rego left, chauffeur driven? All the things that you desire in a car.

Mr Right? LOL, remember my story about asking to double my blessing’s? oops, got Mr Right along with another 5 children – oops, didn’t see that coming. But Dave really has ticked all the boxes on my list. Since sharing this method, I know about a dozen people who are now happily married or partnered since adopting it. I know, it works. I am now happily living with a man, who is kind-hearted, looks like George Clooney, and loves to travel just as much as I do.

So, what is it that t you really want in your life? Create a mantra “thin, healthy, successful and wealthy” seems to work for me. Write a “shopping list” of everything you want and gett very specific. Then just thank the universe for providing it.

It is that simple.

Now, get that notepad, and get creative – it is just as easy to manifest a button as it is to manifest a castle, as I heard someone say once.

If you need help, to get clear, to see a brighter future, or to just get started – contact me for a One on One Coaching Session – making a time is all that is standing in your way to a bright and courageous future.

Now – grab your phone and message me. Yes, that means YOU.