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Personal Satisfaction is all that matters..

Morning Monday.

Where have I been of late?

Well aside from physically being overseas on holidays, I have also been missing emotionally. I haven’t posted here for ages and I don’t know why, to be honest.

It appears I have been lost in a swamp of same same, falling down the vortex of forever learning the next “big thing” when all I really want to do is motivate people with my writing.

That’s it. I just wanna help people feel better about themselves.

Some may call it small time thinking, some may say I am leaving money on the table, and as a business coach, I am well aware of that fact, but does the whole social media world light me up? Not any more.

I have been feeling disconnected, out of sorts and semi pissed off with my ever increasing To Do List, to create sales funnels, to make opt ins, to have lead magnets and to lure the shoppers in with all kinds of wonderful wizardry.

Bugger all that. It all feels so super icky to me, inauthentic and false.

So, as always, when I feel like the world is crashing in, I head overseas for some perspective. Last week I was in Singapore.

Fun for a week, exhausting but oh so interesting. Expensive to drink, inexpensive and delicious to eat.

But, back to my original thought, personal satisfaction.

Fundamentally I am a writer. I love to express myself through words, through painting a written picture for you to conjure up, to dream of, to think about.

I am not a marketer. I am not a funnel creator. I am a writer who travels, who knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff, and who has vast experience of both the highs and the lows of life. I have found myself awakened in midlife, possibly having one of the best times of my life, and if this is a midlife crisis, I am owning it.

Having the beauty of being able to blame any rash decision now on menopause, I am here today to tell you – that I am returning to writing, to laughing, to being who I am and making no apologies for it. I am forgoing the sales techniques, and the tactics that make others so much money, and give me a headache, for this, personal satisfaction.

This week I am commencing a huge rebrand, not only of the website, but of myself. Who am I when I am the happiest? Who am I when no one is looking? Who am I when I want to serve others, and what are the strengths I have been given that allow me to do so?

What do I even want my new midlife life to look like? So far in life, I have been able to manifest absolutely every single thing I have ever wanted… so what is it that I want now?

Hmmm, personal satisfaction.

I wanna wake up every morning and feel alive, and well, and happy. I want to serve others by motivating them to make more of their lives, to bring the joy back to their worlds, and understand that the future is theirs to create. I want to look out at this beautiful ocean and see children playing, whales breaching and yachts passing my window every day.

I want to feel deep happiness. I want to feel connected, loved, listened to.

I want to do everyday, things that make me happy. Like writing. Like laughing. Like making a difference in the lives of my community.

Like this.

What brings you personal satisfaction? Do you also feel that yours is becoming more important than all the “must do’s, according to society or colleagues”?

Where are you at in your life, right now? Do you feel the pull of your “truth” as well?

I’d love to know more… Drop by on Facebook and tell me how you are feeling.


Fear of Success and How to Conquer It..

I just read a post from Danielle Le Porte featuring a meme of Rosa Parks. The Quote was “You must never be fearful about what you are doing if it is right”…


This week I have been struggling with my fear of releasing some new offerings I have created for you. They are all ready to be rolled out, but for some weird reason, I have not done it.

I have felt the fear. Felt the concern about being a fraud, about feeling inadequate, not good enough to have my words float out into the world.

Many times this week I have asked why? Why am I afraid? Why do I feel less than another? Why am I frightened of attracting another online troll?

I have allowed myself the time to sit, to reflect and to come to terms with the feeling of baring my soul to the world. My work is my passion, and for me, having my passion out for all to see, for all to love, or for all to make judgment on, scares me. It bloody terrifies me, actually.

I spend my days writing ebooks, blog posts and creating articles for all kinds of people, anonymously, without one care in the world. Because those words aren’t ME. They can’t be easily attributed to my public profile or social media. It is totally freeing, having the ability to say what I think and feel and not have a worry that some nutter will stalk me through the Fruit n Vege section of IGA.

But, 2017 is my year of being brave. Of starting to step outside of the box, and really ‘n truly step into my own light. To share the stories I have, in order to help others.That means finally facing up to the fear.

To see that jail photo of Rosa Parks, a woman who faced adversity that I will never witness, struck a chord with me this morning. To be brave enough to fight a fear, we must know that what we are doing is right. She stood up for what she believed in, for the benefit of all her people.

In comparison, my fear is nothing.

I sat with the thought this morning about why I blog, why I feel pulled to share my stories, and why I think I can release ecourses and ebooks into the world with my own name attached.

Because I want to help. I want to make a difference, I want people to understand that they can be the directors of their own lives, that their past does not predict their future. I want to help people achieve success as they see it. I want them to understand that life is short, that the chance they miss today may never be offered again, and that with courage they can lead an incredible life.

By the sounds of things, I should take my own advice.

My underlying reason for wishing to be a famous motivational speaker, is to encourage, to motivate, to demonstrate that we all have the ability to predict our futures. And what came out of my quiet time this morning, was that, my reasons are pure. My thought process behind releasing my work is not for self promotion, not for money, but for my yearning to make a difference in the lives of others.

And that reason is good enough for me.

Do you have things in your life that you’re fearful of releasing? Take a moment to sit, and contemplate your reasons…  I am sure that you too, will come to the understanding that your motives are pure, as well.

Go forth, share the spark. Ignite the passions and courage of others. Share your Story.