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The Power of Mantras

Do you have a mantra that you live by?

A mantra can be described as a series of words that are spoken, either silently or aloud, to evoke powerful spiritual or physical change to oneself.

Years ago, when i first discovered Louise Hays and her positive teachings, I was a bit skeptical – but, having hit almost rock bottom at the time, I figured creating a mantra wasn’t ever going to hurt.

Far from hurting the situation, my mantra actually turned my life around.

And I mean – Totally.

From Homelessness to Happiness.

Having positive thoughts floating through my head all day had a profound impact on the way I viewed life in general. It impacted every area of my life. I look back now and see that it was akin to medicine for both my mind and soul.

Affirming these positive words into my thoughts multiple times a day, allowed these words to seep into my subconscious, brainwashing me if you will, into shifting my negative patterns and behaviours into positive ones.

I used mine “Thin, Healthy, Successful and Wealthy” as a kind of metronome, keeping pace with my steps as I walked each morning and evening.

Mantra’s set the mind to thinking of positive things, engaging it for good, rather than listening to the negative mind chatter that we often recite to ourselves at every opportunity. As wise Eckhardt Tolle once said, it is never the situation that hurts us, just our thoughts about that situation – or words to that effect, as I never have been good at remembering anything I read, exactly word for word.

Emile Coue, the great French psychologist used the power of what he called “auto suggestion” with all of his patients, having them repeat the words “everyday in every way I am getting better and better”, with incredible results. His suggestion is one I use often, myself.

He believed that any thought that occupied the mind, would bring that thought into reality. A little like “what you believe, you achieve” which, I think, came from Henry Ford.

Little does it matter who said what, in what year of our history, what matters most is what we then choose to create for our futures.

What are the words that you use to describe yourself, your day, your life? Are they positive?

If you really sat down and studied them, would they truly be bringing you exactly as you have asked?

Words have power, let there be no doubt of that, how you use yours is a choice you need to make carefully.

I would love to hear your thoughts around mantras – have they worked for you – when do you recite yours – and what are the words that hold the power for you?

I AM – Enough

Two Courageous Questions for you today.. One surrounds I AM, but instead of me asking you to list all the fabulous and wonderful things that follow the words I AM – I want you to repeat after me.

I AM – Enough.

Say it on your morning walk, tell the dog, sing it in the shower, but say it loud and say it often.

Because you are – enough.

As we have talked about in the past, your brain hears everything you say, and everything you think. I want you to replace all that negativity with I AM ENOUGH.

I have created a graphic for you to print and stick on your fridge or on your dream board or your office wall.

The other question is a ripper “what are you waiting to hear”?

When I ask my clients this question, it is often something like I want to hear my Mum say I am proud of you, I want to hear my Dad say you’re a success, I want to hear my eldest brother tell me he is sorry for a fight that happened when I was 10…

Things that you may even think are silly, but I want you to ask yourself this question a few times, and then reflect on the answers that arise.

I lost 70kgs and I was making 180k a year, and yet I have still never heard My Mum say “good job, girl”… so I know what the raw nerve is with me..

Now, I tell myself those very words. Good job girl. I’m proud of you. Mammoth Effort. Great Job.

What are the words that you need to hear?

Start talking.

Head on over to the Get your Sh!t Together 5 Day Challenge to hear more courageous questions..

Breakfast Smoothies, with a Frog Chaser..

YUM! Breakfast Smoothies.

Nothing better first up in the morning, to get you feeling like you’ve started the day on the right track. Makes you feel alive, healthy and ready to conquer the world.

How about a quick Frog Chaser?

Was that EEEEWWWWWWWW I heard??

T’was Mark Twain who said “Eat a Live Frog in the Morning and Nothing Worse will happen to You all Day”.

If you imagine that your “Frog” is the worst thing you have to do each day, the one thing that you really hate doing, that item in your To-Do List that gets carried over every single day, think how great your day will be if you do it first thing? Anything that you have to do for the rest of the day is a breeze.

For a lot of my clients, their Frog is exercise. So, every single morning, before a coffee or a Facebook update, they thrown their legs to the side of the bed, turn off their alarm, and go for at least a 45 minute walk.

Since I have been making this Rule #1, these people have gone on to conquer all kinds of things. Facing the day with a renewed vigour and excitement, knowing the “worst” is over. For many, the “Frog Hop” ( thanks Marg for that name) has become their favourite part of the day, a time to wake up slowly, embrace the sunrise, plan their day listening to the sounds of nature. A calming and restful time to enjoy. Amazing to think that not very long ago, the sheer thought of walking for 45 minutes every day was horrifying to most.

Frogs come in all species, some appear as that Customer who owes money, but you’re not brave enough to phone, some appear as spending 45 minutes a day working on your social media content, some as tiny and simple as calling your elderly mother.

Like them or not, we all have “frogs” in our lives, we all have those things and moments we would prefer to avoid. But by doing so, we are limiting ourselves in so many ways. How do you know the customer who owes you money, just hasn’t changed their email address and has not received your invoice? Just think how overjoyed your Mum would be if you took 30 minutes every morning to say hello, how are you?

We all have competing commitments, work, school, study, social media advertising, all the modern day distractions that are keeping us away from the fundamentals of life. Health, Family, Friends and Lifestyle.

Man up. Be Brave. Eat A Frog.


Eat the Frog