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You Matter

Today, I have received LOUD and CLEAR, a message for someone in this group.

I need to tell you that you matter.

That your life matters. That even though you feel inconsequential sometimes, the work you do, the people you love and the world that surrounds you, need you.


You matter to me. I love seeing your reactions to my posts on Facebook. I love your comments and your shares and your thumbs up.

You matter to your dog. He loves it when you get out of your car in the afternoons and give him that pat he has longed for all day.

You matter to the people that you help. Don’t think your compassion and volunteer work means nothing, it means a lot. You may not see the gratitude, but it is there.


Sometimes, in a world that is social media driven, it is hard to not compare your life with others. Some people are skipping about the world and there you are, apron on, doing the washing up and wondering where your life took the wrong turn.

The thing is, it didn’t.

You are exactly where you should be. You are learning in this lifetime, lessons that you needed to. Yep, even in the mundane, there is a lesson. The trick is to find it.

I have no idea who needs this message today – but I know you are here and I know you will read this.

And in your heart, YOU will know, that you matter.